Windows 8 Social Media Apps

Windows 8 and Social Media

The launch of Microsoft's new operating system in late 2012, has steadily been growing and taking up it's share in the market. However things have not expanded as quickly as first anticipated, could this be due to the lack of social media support from the likes of Twitter and Facebook?

As mentioned in our previous post 'Social Media and Mobile Phones', more and more people are using social media on their mobile phones. So how does Windows 8 support this trend? Firstly the Windows 8 operating system does support Apps just like its competitors, but are they social media facing enough to provide serious competition?

The crux of the matter is that, there are no official Apps from the big social media players; Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Foursquare. So how do you get your social media fix on a Windows 8 phone? Well there are solutions.

Windows 8 social media apps;


Microsoft's very own People Application comes preinstalled on the Windows 8 OS dashboard. With this app you're able to connect multiple channels such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Linkedin from which you can form an address book for your contacts. Scrolling through the address book you can select a contact and view their social media profiles or take a look at the 'What's new feed'. To social media fanatics, there is a major downside, you can't share Facebook content and you can't connect to other email addresses than the profiles connected to your Microsoft email account.

Here are just some of the social media apps that you can get on a Windows 8 OS...


From People, came Fliptoast, a 3rd party application that does the same thing - allows you to connect to multiple social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. The app allows you to interact with your contacts and share your experiences from anywhere on your Windows 8 smartphone device.


If you like Tumblr then Tumbukun is a must for your Windows 8 smartphone. You can browse your dashboard, re-blog, track tags and create new text or photo posts.


Tweetro is a fantastic Twitter application, it looks great snapped into a side window and you can easily view your tweets, mentions and messages, favourites or lists. You can even see more of your Twitter feed compared to other applications you can get for Windows 8 OS.

Social Dribble

With Social Dribble you can view Tweets on a range of topics. The intuatve EventsWall allows you to choose hashtags to search for, in order to keep track of the topics that interest you.

NG Reader

This app has had a lot of praise, it has a gorgeous interface where you can view your feeds, without looking over crowded. There are lots of display options and it syncs with your Google Reader account, so there's no repetitive content throughout your Windows 8 dashboard.


There are of course many other Windows 8 applications that support different social media channels, but without the support of the big players will Windows 8 be at risk? Can Windows compete without the official social media applications, it is said that Twitter has something in the pipeline but there are not yet any confirmed dates of release.

Do you have a Windows 8 phone? What apps do you use? Tweet or Facebook us and let us know your thoughts on this interesting topic.

What does the future hold for Windows 8 and will it get support from social media networks? Why not give us a call to discuss?

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