6 Essential Tips to Promote Your Website

A website is similar to any offline entity when it comes to establishing popularity. As you’d advertise your business or company in multiple forums, like newspapers, trade journals, magazines, TV ads, etc. to let the word out, a similar approach is required for a website; the only difference being that the medium of marketing and advertising is mostly online. Here are our 6 top tips that will help promote your website among your target audience:

1. Directory Submission for Backlinks

Online business directories are an inexpensive way of generating backlinks and decent traffic to your website. These business directories are divided into categories and sub-categories in order to present the listings in an organised manner. Some of the top online directories include DMOZ, Yahoo, Canny Link, Business Directory, etc. However, there are other directories catering to the specific businesses. Additionally, there are trade organisation websites that offer directory services as well. Therefore, it is recommended to do a Google Search and find the best directories for submitting your website to. The thumb rule is not to miss key directories, while keeping your eye on emerging and potentially beneficial directories that can increase targeted traffic to your website.

2. Article Writing and Submission

Article writing on useful topics has been one of the favourite promotion tools among the Webmasters for a long time. The process is simple.

  • First, identify a few topics related to the products and/or services offered by your website (“How to...” and “Useful Tips ...” articles are considered as the most sought after by the users).
  • Then, write the articles incorporating your own thoughts and expressions (you can get inspiration from other similar articles on the internet, but your article should be in your own words and must have an element of distinctness in order to generate reader interest).
  • Don’t forget to include a backlink to your website at the bottom of your article. Generally, the link is included in the “Author’s Bio” section so that the users can read through the article without any distraction. If they like the article, the readers generally click through the link to learn more about the topic.
  • Now, submit these articles to multiple article directories for free, like EzineArticles, eHow, The Free Library, etc. Additionally, you may also incorporate these articles on your website itself or the newsletters, which you send to the registered users of your website.

3. News Releases

News or press releases are an excellent mode of spreading the word about any newsworthy developments on your website. Any new offering or development, which is considered to have a positive impact on the targeted users of your website, can be announced to the world through press releases that are carried out by multiple websites. You can also simply send these press releases via email, fax or regular mail to newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, magazines, etc.

4. Get Involved with the Social Media Community

Social networking websites, like Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn, etc. have a massive fan following. These are the hottest forums to make the advertising campaign for your website viral. Join these popular social media and exploit the power of internet by sharing your website details with your friends, relatives and fans.

5. Participate in Online Forums and Discussion Lists

Website traffic can be greatly enhanced by the intelligent use of several free online forums and discussion lists. These forums and lists are generally used by the users to post their queries and doubts about products/services/websites. You can constructively participate in these forums and discussions, and include a backlink to your website in your messages.

6. Ask for E-Mail Sign-ups

Your marketing campaign (online or offline) should be focussed towards aggressively soliciting maximum sign-ups on your website, which will generate lots of targeted leads for your website.

We hope these ideas help to get more traffic and better search engine rankings - as always, if you need any help or would like us to market your website for you, get in touch today.


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