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Everyone wants to be at the top of Google, right?

So everyone wants to be No.1 on Google, but what you actually want is more business, and a top listing on Google does not always guarantee this. In fact, we see loads of companies investing time and money into phrases which actually fall way short of their expectations.

So, there’s a lot more to SEO than first meets the eye…

Where should you start?

What do you need to do to get on the first page of Google?

Although the 3 core areas mentioned above are what Google base their algorithm around, there are hundreds of individual aspects which fall under each core area. It was reported that last year alone, Google rolled out over 500 new algorithm updates making Google Search a better place for all of us. Which is great for all of us that use Google but on the flip side it does bring inherent challenges to SEO companies!

The only company that holds the keys to the algorithm is Google. If you’re considering SEO you need to know that this is not a quick, one time fix which you can appoint an SEO company for a couple of months and then walk away. It takes expertise, refining and monitoring.

How much should you be paying for SEO?

In our Industry, you really do get what you pay for- and here’s why…

Nobody jumps right in and appoints an SEO company without doing some homework first (we hope). If you’ve Googled around you’ll have seen all sorts of promises and packages.

If ever there was an industry in which you get what you pay for, this is it. In our industry, time is the commodity. UK professional SEO Companies, who actually know what they’re doing, seldomly work for less than £50 per hour.

So, when you actually look at how complex SEO is, it’s easy to see that working an hour and half a month on your SEO isn’t going to get you the results you’re after. How can it?

So how much do you need to invest each month?

It’s a tough one. Basically, every client is different. What you need to invest will come down to:

  • Which keywords you’re targeting and their competitivity
  • How many keywords you’re targeting
  • What your current ranking position is for the targeted phases
  • Which pages you’re targeting
  • How quickly you want to rank
  • What your existing backlink portfolio looks like
  • How old your website is
  • Overall health of your website

146% Increase in top 3 positions ranking keywords within the last 5 months

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