WordPress isn’t just for blogging!

8 October 2018

When you think of WordPress most people will think of blogging. After all, it is the world’s most popular free open source blogging site. However it’s not just for blogging, it can do so much more. Allow us to explain… … Continue reading

What makes a good Tweet?

3 October 2018

It’s more than likely that you have a twitter account. Most businesses have one and if you don’t, you definitely should. Having a Twitter account is vital in this day and age where every business should have a social media … Continue reading

Title Tag and Meta Description

27 September 2018

In this post we’re going to look into what are arguably the two most important tags for search engines and visitors alike. The title tag and meta description. What are they? The content of these tags are shown within the … Continue reading

Resize your images!

26 September 2018

It’s a well-known fact that slow loading websites have a huge part to play in high dropout rates and poor search engine rankings. As more and more websites today are self-managed it’s not uncommon to see huge images being uploaded … Continue reading

Why PPC Ads and Landing URL Need to be on the Same page

24 July 2018

Why Home is not always where the heart is? Setting your PPC campaign to land on your home page gets people to your website and there is a chance of a sale or a lead. But what happens if you … Continue reading

Migration Strategy: The Devil is in the Detail

19 July 2018

How risky is it to update your website? If you are refreshing the look and improving the offer of your website, that is a good thing. The customers who come to the website will know you are an up-to-date and … Continue reading

Are You Spamming Your Clients?

6 July 2018

You click send on your latest email campaign, but what if the message is not delivered? How Do You Know What Will Be Marked As Spam? An email is sent through receiving servers who transfer them to your recipients’ inbox. … Continue reading

The Differences Between Traditional and Online Commercial Presence?

23 May 2018

The core shift since the explosion of websites and digital marketing is talking directly to your customer and asking them to reply. How do you get this level of engagement?  Identify value for your customer. Focus on your customer Customer-centric … Continue reading

How The New Adwords Features Can Benefit Small Ecommerce Businesses

16 January 2018

As a small ecommerce business, launching an Adwords campaign can seem like a daunting task, especially when larger retailers appear to dominate the search results pages. However, over the past few months, Google has introduced a number of new features … Continue reading

What is SEO? Part 2

11 December 2017

In part one of our “What is SEO” series we introduced you to keywords and keyword phrases, along with what Google looks for when deciding on the best webpages to rank. In part two we delve more in to SEO … Continue reading

What is SEO? Part 1

7 December 2017

We get a lot of enquiries about SEO and how the activity can help drive new sales. Therefore in this blog series “What is SEO” we take a look at Search Engine Optimisation, and what activity is required to gain … Continue reading

The Importance Of The Landing Page

23 November 2017

If you have a website or run any form of online marketing, you’re probably aware of the term “landing page”. Whether your goal is to generate leads or to generate sales, creating a landing page to direct potential customers to … Continue reading

Are You Ready For The New GDPR Directive?

13 November 2017

As you may be aware, from the 25th May 2018 the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be changing the way organisations deal with personal data. So with the clock ticking, let’s take a look at the new directive, … Continue reading

Size Isn’t Everything: How Small Retailers Can Compete with the Giants of Ecommerce in the World of PPC

26 October 2017

As a small or niche retailer it can seem sometimes pointless to invest in Adwords when global retail giants seem to dominate. How can you compete with someone who has more products, more resources and more money? However, when search … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to How to Create a Business Facebook Page

12 October 2017

If your company does not have a Facebook Business Page, you are really missing out on a modern day way to engage with your customers and target audience. Yet we understand if you if your main competitor does not have … Continue reading

9 Reasons Why Your Website Content is Killing Your Conversions

29 September 2017

Don’t shoot the messenger, but the content on your website might be doing more harm than good to your company’s conversion rate. The reason being, customer focused content is now the driving force behind conversion and whether the search engine … Continue reading

Is Your Website in Danger of Being Labelled Not Secure by Google?

20 September 2017

To check if your website is in danger of being labelled “Not Secure” by Google, you first need to answer the following question. Does your website have an SSL certificate? If yes, then you are all set for October 2017 … Continue reading

Website Loading Speed – Why its so Important

23 August 2017

In this great article we take a look at website loading speed, and why there’s a need for speed in respect of search engine rankings and user experience. What is the average website loading speed? One of the fundamental causes … Continue reading

How Much Does it Cost in 2017 to Advertise on Google in the UK?

21 August 2017

“How much does it cost to advertise on Google?” is becoming more of a commonly asked question for many UK business owners. If this is you, you are probably already convinced on the value of Google Adwords and the benefits it … Continue reading

Building a Brand Through Social Media

15 August 2017

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but according to the 2016 report from Global Web Index, a third of all digital consumers now follow their favourite brands on social media. Therefore if your company has not yet … Continue reading

An Easy Guide to Facebook Ads

9 July 2017

Unlike some notoriously expensive digital marketing campaigns such as homepage take-overs and PPC, Facebook ads provide an easy and cost effective way to get your business in front of your target audience. For example, if you own a Mediterranean restaurant … Continue reading

Payment Gateway Comparison – Paypal, SagePay, WorldPay, HSBC & Barclays

6 June 2017

E-commerce is rapidly becoming a major player on the retail landscape. Estimates from IMRG have predicted that spending online in 2017 will grow a further 14% on 2016’s sales which totalled £133bn. More than 95% of UK shoppers have bought something … Continue reading

Who’s Following You? How Well Do You Know Your Social Media Audience?

25 May 2017

By understanding the correlation between your customer and social media audience, you can develop an accurate overview of your target audience and customer personas. This data will not only help you create appropriate targeted campaigns but also allow you to … Continue reading

How Resolving Customer Complaints on Twitter Can Help Drive New Business

15 May 2017

Due to the fast moving nature of Twitter, it can be very hard to see what it brings to the table in respect of ROI. However if you were to change the way you look at the social media channel … Continue reading

Why Your Social Media Channels Need a Defined Tone of Voice

12 May 2017

When considering your company’s brand values, it’s important to ask yourself, how do you want your business to be perceived? Tone of voice is effectively an outward projection of your business, therefore needs to be appropriate to your industry and … Continue reading

SEO – How long does it take to rank on Google’s First Page?

24 February 2017

This is a common question when clients embark on an SEO project for the first time. Naturally, you want to establish how long it will take before you start to see results. The Historic Influences which Changed SEO It’s important … Continue reading

Is your recruitment website one of the 90% not offering users an effective mobile experience?

15 February 2017

It’s time to bring your online presence into the 21st century, recruiters. Day by day, the internet is becoming more and more mobile-led, and the fact is that the recruitment industry is lagging behind in the mobile stakes. Studies show that … Continue reading

Why You Still Need a Website Even If You Don’t Need New Clients

7 February 2017

Do I need website? It’s probably hard to see the value of a website if your business is already so successful that you are working 24/7 just to meet the expectations of your existing clients. After all, who needs more … Continue reading

The 7 Deadly Website Sins That Could Be Costing Your Business Money

1 February 2017

Is your website performing badly? If so you need to take action. A website that doesn’t quite hit the mark from a customer’s perspective could be costing your business money. A potential customer might follow a link from social media … Continue reading

What Your Web Design Company Probably Didn’t Tell You!

25 January 2017

Often when a web design company redesigns your website their attention is primarily focused on making it look more appealing. On the surface this can make your website look like it has undergone a great transformation. However, several months down the line you later … Continue reading

Bespoke Website Design – The 4 Main Benefits

15 January 2017

With so many templates and out-of-the-box website themes available, many business owners are questioning why they should pay for a bespoke website. If you are amongst those who are looking at the pros and cons of having a professional website … Continue reading

How to Configure Google G Suite (formally Google Apps) in Outlook

10 January 2017

If your business uses Google G Suite accounts (formally Google apps) for email correspondence, but you would prefer to use Microsoft Outlook’s centralised system to manage and retrieve your emails; as Gmail provides IMAP support, there should be no problem … Continue reading

Creating a Facebook Business Page – Is that all you need?

5 January 2017

When it comes to creating an online presence, small businesses are spoilt for choice. Social media is enormously popular and is often promoted as the best way to build a brand. 1.32 billion people check their Facebook page at least … Continue reading

6 Handy Tips for Building a World Class Recruitment Website

7 February 2016

From the rise of social media to the ever-evolving Google ranking saga, the internet continues to change the way the recruitment industry goes about its business. The fact is that with 5,110 new recruitment agencies having started in the UK alone … Continue reading

Why Email Marketing is still the Future of the Recruitment Industry

1 February 2016

Email marketing has been an industry staple for recruiters for many years. Cheap and easy to manage with an ‘open rate’ of around one in five, it remains the most consistent method of recruitment marketing in the world, despite the … Continue reading

How to Block Out Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

3 December 2015

Lately many webmasters have seen massive spikes in their Google Analytics traffic reports. Previously when big spikes occurred we’d often assume this was something which was associated with great marking or perhaps encouraging SEO works. However, with a recent influx of … Continue reading

Yell Websites, Yell or Hell? – What to Look Out For!

18 November 2015

With so many web design solutions available, it can be hard to know what to pick. Many are making outlandish claims and others are promising more realistic benefits, this can sometimes result in you being tricked to settle for inferior … Continue reading

Web Design Trends of 2015

12 November 2015

When thinking about the different aspects of web design it is important that you take into consideration the full spectrum of possibilities that are presented by the internet. Globally pushing the limits of human interaction and imagination, bold web design … Continue reading

Top 10 Free UK Business Directories

6 November 2015

Business directories are the next best thing to search engines! In today’s online business world, we need to make it as easy as we can for customers and clients to find us! There are so many different business directories out … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design – It’s Now or Never!

28 October 2015

Earlier this year Google officially announced that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches and as a result would be updating their search engine algorithms. As of 21 April, Google began rewarding mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings whilst ignoring those that … Continue reading

How Schema Markup Can Help You Improve SEO

12 October 2015

For many website owners, including schema microdata is a lot like eating healthily and working out – you know you really should do it, but actually getting it done is a lot harder than it sounds. Although schema and other … Continue reading

Sage Pay Dummy Card Details

30 September 2015

In order to check if your Sage Pay account is working correctly you’ll need to perform a dummy transaction using dummy credit card details (provided by SagePay). Use these details below: Card Card Number CardType Response from Sage Pay 3D Secure … Continue reading

How to Improve Open Rates on Emails

23 July 2015

When you have spent hours crafting the perfect email newsletter, of course you want people to read it. Unfortunately, with over 108.7 billion emails being sent and received each day, it is hardly surprising that the majority go unopened. So … Continue reading

Time is Running Out to Upgrade to the Sage Pay V3 Protocol

15 July 2015

On the 31 July, all older versions of the Sage Pay Protocol FORM versions 2.20, 2.21, 2.22 and 2.23 will be discontinued. This means that if your website is currently running any of these versions on the 31st July your … Continue reading

Wix Website Builder Review

6 July 2015

The name ‘Wix’ may sound like a cross between a cleaning product a nazel spray, but it is actually a free website builder package. In the following article we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of using … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Web Designer to Super-Size Your Company Logo

25 June 2015

There are some instances where bigger is better. Yes, I’m talking about Big Mac meals, lottery wins and beds. Unfortunately, in the world of web design, it is not uncommon for companies to request that their logo is ‘bigger’. Is … Continue reading

Google Adwords – Destination URLs to Become Read Only on July 1st 2015

19 June 2015

Google Adwords is a paid advertising platform where you can pay for traffic to your website. Using Google Adwords you can attain prominent placement within the search engine results although this is only on a paid basis. If your company currently … Continue reading

MailChimp 360 Ecommerce Tracking

16 June 2015

Email marketing campaigns are a really useful way of keeping existing customers interested in your products and attracting new ones. As long as you don’t abuse the method, existing customers can be tempted back with targeted emails and potential new … Continue reading

The Key Differences between WooCommerce and Magento

12 June 2015

Online shopping is a growth industry. 198 million U.S. shoppers bought something online in the first quarter of 2014. That’s 78% of the population. The statistics are virtually the same in the UK. 75% of British consumers do their shopping … Continue reading

Upgrading to Sage Pay Protocol V3.00

9 June 2015

Sage Pay has just announced that businesses using older protocols on their e-commerce websites need to upgrade to the latest protocol (v3.00). On 31 July, older versions will be discontinued, so if you don’t take the necessary steps before this … Continue reading

Strategies for Profitably Pricing Your Retail Products

3 June 2015

Online retailers need a pricing strategy, but for the inexperienced retailer, it can be a real headache. It can take a lot of trial and error before you figure out your prices. If prices are too high the profit margins … Continue reading

Sage Pay Payments Landscape Report 2015

29 May 2015

When you’re running a business, it can be tricky to keep up to with the latest payment technologies in a rapidly evolving market. Sage Pay has released their annual Payments Landscape report, a study of payments in the UK. Now … Continue reading

Google Rumoured to Add Buy Buttons to Mobile Search Results

22 May 2015

According to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to roll out new ‘buy’ buttons, which will appear alongside sponsored search results on mobile devices. The new development appears to be part of Google’s plans for … Continue reading

Search Engine Rankings – How Does Your Website Get Ranked in the Search Engines and Why?

14 May 2015

Have you ever wondered how Google works out where to rank a website in the search engine results? Achieving a good position in the search engine results is no easy task. There are a number of factors that control where a … Continue reading

E-Commerce Tips – Making Your E-Commerce Store Sell More to Mobile Users

13 May 2015

The rise of e-commerce in recent years has been phenomenal. Amazon is now one of the top ten retailers in the US with sales of $44 billion last year and many of its happy customers made their purchases via mobile … Continue reading

11 Common SEO Myths You Need to Know

12 May 2015

There is a common misconception that SEO is something of a dark art, along with mind-reading and divining next week’s winning lottery numbers. Lots of armchair experts claim to have inside knowledge about what works – and what doesn’t – … Continue reading

Why It’s Important To Perform Well In Mobile Search Results

28 April 2015

In early 2014 something amazing happened: mobile finally overtook fixed internet access. Statistics released by Ofcom showed that 22% of smartphone users and 30% of tablet users access the internet, compared to 29% of laptop and 17% of desktop users. … Continue reading

The Importance of Good Meta Titles and Descriptions – and How to Create Them

27 April 2015

Great meta titles and descriptions won’t propel your website to the top of page one in Google, but they are more important than a lot of people realise. For a long time now, meta titles and descriptions have been largely … Continue reading

What are Internet Cookies? Why are they So Important?

24 April 2015

Cookies are very important, but sadly we are not talking about edible chocolate chip cookies – no, we mean browser cookies, also known as tracking cookies. To a non-tech savvy person, browser cookies are something of a mystery. You are … Continue reading

11 Things to Focus on when Creating Content for Your Website

22 April 2015

Web visitors rarely stay on the same page for long. Studies have indicated that the average visitor spends no more than 20 seconds skimming a page before moving on to something new. This means you have less than 20 seconds … Continue reading

The Importance of Clearing Your Cache

21 April 2015

We use web browsers to do all kinds of different things, from viewing online content and checking email, to logging into Facebook or buying a pair of shoes. By default, browser caches store information each time you use them. In … Continue reading

Top 5 Google Analytics Tips For More Accurate Data

17 April 2015

With any business the more you know about your customers, the better you can adapt to fulfilling their needs. According to a recent survey carried out in 2014, there are over  57 million internet users in the UK and almost 90% of people … Continue reading

Amazon Fulfilment Services Review

10 April 2015

Are you considering using Amazon to fulfil orders for you? One of the most important parts of a retail business, if not the most important, is order fulfilment. Ecommerce fulfilment is what can really make or break an online business, … Continue reading

Blippar App – The Next Generation of Search

8 April 2015

Before the internet was invented, we looked for information in books or magazines, but today, thanks to the wonder of search engines such as Google, we can ‘Google’ things instead. Using Google (or Yahoo! for that matter) it takes a … Continue reading

Microsoft Getting Rid of Internet Explorer

31 March 2015

Microsoft has been dropping heavy hints for a while that it is getting rid of its Internet Explorer brand, but following confirmation from the company that a new name for the planned browser successor is in the pipeline, it seems as … Continue reading

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Company Page

23 March 2015

LinkedIn is the social network for business users. Having a personal LinkedIn profile means you can network and make important business contacts without ever leaving the office, but creating a company LinkedIn page will help you take things to the … Continue reading

Google Extends Safe Browsing Protection to Notify Users in Google Analytics

20 March 2015

Google has recently announced that it is extending the Safe Browsing feature of Google Webmasters Tools to include real-time notifications to all Google Analytics users whose websites are infected with malware and other nasty infections. What is Webmasters Tools and … Continue reading

Google Makes Mobile Friendliness a Ranking Factor for Websites

11 March 2015

In one of our earlier posts we reported that Google were sending out millions of emails to websites which were not mobile friendly. According to a new update from Google’s Webmaster Central blog, we can now see that this was because Google … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Google+ Page for Your Business

10 March 2015

Google Plus is just one of many social networks. If your business already has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, you might be forgiven for thinking that Google Plus is not worthy of your time. Here’s why you might … Continue reading

The New YouTube for Kids App

5 March 2015

YouTube is a fantastic online resource. If you need to know how to do something, or you have five minutes spare between meetings, there are millions of videos on YouTube, some useful, and some not so useful. YouTube is also … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About the Google Pigeon

4 March 2015

In many parts of the UK, pigeons are considered a menace. They make a mess everywhere and are generally not very popular. Well Google’s Pigeon update isn’t quite that bad, but it has affected an awful lot of websites and … Continue reading

Top Web Browsers Reviews – Vivaldi

25 February 2015

Vivaldi is a new browser, created by the programmers who gave us the original version of Opera. Still including many of the original features that made Opera so popular, Vivaldi goes a step further with a few added extras. Vivaldi is … Continue reading

Has Google Recently Made Tweaks to its Search Algorithm?

25 February 2015

Every year, Google makes lots of changes to its search algorithms. Most of the time the effect of these changes is negligible and unless you spend every waking moment analysing your website data, you won’t notice. However, from time to … Continue reading

Twitter and Google Team Up Again

24 February 2015

Everyone’s favourite micro-blogging site, Twitter, has just announced a new relationship with Google. The announcement was made at the Q4 earnings call for 2014, when Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed during a question and answer session that Twitter had brokered … Continue reading

Our Visit to the Google Partners Training Event in London

20 February 2015

This week we attended an exclusive Google Partners training event at the London office. The two day session was led by guest speaker Steen Rasmussen, senior partner of IIH Nordic – the first agency to be voted ‘best analytics agency’ … Continue reading

Google Analytics Will No Longer Support Official Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

10 February 2015

Google recently announced it has stopped supporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). As of the end of January 2015, anyone using Google Analytics in IE9 will no longer be able to get help with any of its features. You can … Continue reading

Is Google about to Sink Mobile Unfriendly Websites?

5 February 2015

Have you received a warning note from Google in the last few days? If your website is not ‘mobile friendly’, then the answer is likely to be a “yes”. Warning! Warning! Millions of notifications have been pinging into Google Webmaster … Continue reading

Top Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Business Name

4 February 2015

Choosing the right business name is extremely important. In fact it should be one of the first things you do! Since you can’t change the name of your business a few months or years down the line, it pays to … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Twitter Account for Your Business

3 February 2015

If your business is not yet on Twitter, you are missing out on a vast number of marketing opportunities. Twitter is a hugely powerful tool for business: you can use it to reach new and existing customers, network with other … Continue reading

Mac OS X Yosemite – Top 5 Cool Tips and Tricks

29 January 2015

Apple no longer names its OS updates after big cats (Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard etc). Instead it has switched to famous Californian landmarks and Yosemite is the second incarnation of the OS X. Yosemite was first made available on October … Continue reading

Top 3 Most Common Mistakes Users Make When Writing Web Content

28 January 2015

Website content says a lot about a business. It’s often the first opportunity you have to make a connection with a visitor, so it’s essential that you make a good impression. The content you post on your website gives visitors … Continue reading

Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile and Tablet Friendly

27 January 2015

A decade ago, mobile internet was virtually unheard of, but by 2008, analysts were predicting that ‘mobile would overtake fixed internet access by 2014’. Just seven years later, things are very different. Smartphones and tablets are now the most popular … Continue reading

Is it Time to Update My Website?

19 January 2015

Has someone ever asked you “when was the last time you updated your website?” To which your response has been something like  “I update my website everyday.” This may be true for the instances where you are regularly publishing blog posts … Continue reading

5 Ways To Double Your Website’s Traffic By Using Twitter

10 January 2015

Every website wants more traffic; more eyes on the page, letting potential customers see what it is that you are offering. Twitter is a fantastic social media tool which can help drive traffic to your website, enticing people, showing them … Continue reading

Rivalry Among Competitors Likely to Change UK Experiences This Christmas

28 November 2014

Every year Christmas shopping brings companies together to tug at people’s heartstrings in an epic battle for consumer attention. Before December even arrives, big companies take betting wars in smaller advertising tests on unsuspecting media consumers. This year is no … Continue reading

Your Key to Great Music – How YouTube is Battling Piracy

26 November 2014

Google is making great strides in their battle against piracy this year with their two updates Pirate 2.0 and their YouTube Music Key release. While piracy has long been a standing issue on the internet, it is good to see … Continue reading

eBay and Google Fight in Epic Breakup Battle

25 November 2014

Earlier this year Google announced a break up with eBay in the most drastic way possible, by dropping their links in Google search results. Back in May of 2014, Panda 4.0 included exclusions for eBay results in Google’s algorithm update. … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview With Leading UK Social Media Specialist

19 November 2014

If you’re an e-commerce business looking to generate more revenue over Christmas, you need to read this… As Christmas is just around the corner, the opportunity to boost online sales and generate more revenue for e-commerce businesses is almost here. … Continue reading

The Online Consumer Buying Process

6 November 2014

When you want to make it possible for your customers to compare, order and pay for your products online, you need an easy to use, seamless online buying process. This should encompass your sales message and access to full details … Continue reading

Emotional Triggers in Website Design

31 October 2014

Emotional triggers are often forgotten when designing a website, which is a great shame as they can make a huge difference to your customer base. There are many strategies available to get you more visitors on your website, lots of … Continue reading

Google Penguin 3.0 Update

28 October 2014

So Google have announced another update to their algorithm, this time an update to Penguin 3.0. The update changes the way that Google use the data on a website to see where it ranks when people search for something using … Continue reading

Google Analytics Goals & Funnels

19 October 2014

Google Analytics has been an indispensable tool for webmasters since the time it was first launched back in November 2005. You can easily monitor and improve the performance of your website using the different tools and features built into Google … Continue reading

What is Content Marketing? How Do I Formulate a Content Marketing Strategy?

7 October 2014

Content marketing has been a bit of a buzz term from 2014. This can put off some marketers who feel like trends come and go, having little impact on a business’s bottom line. However, in reality, content marketing is simply … Continue reading

Social Media Security – 3 Top Tips For Your Business

22 September 2014

According to the Guardian, in 2013 Twitter reported that 250,000 accounts were hacked in a security breach last year. As social media is an important factor for many businesses looking to promote their company, ensuring your account remains secure is … Continue reading

The Dangers of DIY Search Engine Optimisation

15 September 2014

If you own your own business, you’re no doubt one of those people who is more than happy to have a go and take the plunge with trying something new. After all, it takes some guts to start a new … Continue reading

PPC Advertising VS Non PPC

10 September 2014

When it comes to advertising your product, the Internet has become a great magnet for attracting potential customers. The Internet provides advertisers with the opportunity to target their audience through interests and demographics. One of the most popular forms of … Continue reading

Password Security – How Safe is Your Password?

4 September 2014

You might of heard of the phrase “Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe,” and aside from the odd occasion when it has been the famous words between a wise wizard and hobbit, it still remains the best advice concerning your … Continue reading

The Difference Between Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

15 August 2014

Now I know this is not the number one topic that everyone is eager to hear about this month, but knowing the difference between a Privacy Policy document and Terms and Conditions will prove incredibly valuable to your business. And … Continue reading

Google Adwords – Know Your Network Types

14 August 2014

Whether you’re managing a Google Adwords campaign yourself or your using a company, understanding the differences between “Search” and the “Display network,” can be extremely beneficial in moving towards a successful pay per click campaign which will provide a return … Continue reading

Negative SEO – a threat to your website?

4 August 2014

What is Negative SEO? Negative SEO is the practice of attacking other websites by using methods that will result in SEO penalties. Rather than practicing positive SEO on one’s own website, the sabotaging competitor will try to get another’s website penalised … Continue reading

What is a Country Specific Domain Extension?

24 July 2014

Finally, you’ve decided to take your business online. The first step is to get a domain name for your online presence, which the technical experts call a URL or Universal Resource Locator. It’s important to get a domain name with … Continue reading

Top PPC Landing Page Tips to Keep Under Your Wing

21 July 2014

If you’re running a pay per click (PPC) campaign it doesn’t matter how relevant your keywords are or how compelling your ad text is, if your landing page doesn’t meet the visitor’s needs and expectations, it’s likely you’re going to … Continue reading

The Google Duplicate Content Penalty

20 July 2014

On quite a few occasions over the years we’ve been asked; “Can we just take the text from another website and use it on ours?” There is a simple answer to this; “No”. Why? Well, aside from any copyright law … Continue reading

9 Must Know Google Analytics Terms

19 July 2014

About Google Analytics The Google Analytics tool is most commonly used to present data which reflects how visitors interact with your website. Understanding the data correctly can often give you a good indication of your website’s performance. Most importantly Google … Continue reading

Link Building SEO

10 July 2014

Everyone wants to increase traffic to their website – more traffic means more potential customers. Ranking in the earliest pages of Google means that your website will be seen by a greater number of people. Here’s some helpful tips on how to get there. Continue reading

How to Ensure Your Website Works for Your Business – Remarketing

8 July 2014

Following on from our first post, this is the final post in the series about 5 key areas to improve the way your website works for your business covering: website target audience tips, how to make your website visitor friendly, … Continue reading

Google Penguin and Google Panda Explained

30 June 2014

If you’ve looked into how to improve your website’s rankings, then you have probably heard of Penguin and Panda updates and wondered if the internet is going animal crazy? Still bamboo-zled? Here are some facts which might help you break the ice. Continue reading

How to Ensure Your Website Works for Your Business – Trust and Reliability

23 June 2014

Following on from our first post, this post is the fourth in the series about 5 key areas to improve the way your website works for your business covering: website target audience tips, how to make your website visitor friendly, … Continue reading

How to Ensure Your Website Works for Your Business – Distinctive Features

17 June 2014

Following on from our first post, this post is the third in the series about 3 key areas to improve the way your website works for your business covering: website target audience tips, how to make your website visitor friendly, … Continue reading

How to Ensure Your Website Works for Your Business – Visitor Friendly

30 May 2014

Following on from our first post, this post is the second in the series about 5 key areas to improve the way your website works for your business covering: website target audience tips, how to make your website visitor friendly, … Continue reading

How to Ensure Your Website Works for Your Business: Target Audience

22 May 2014

According to internetlivestats.com at the time of writing there are 953,096,600 websites online today. More new websites means more new competition. If your business hasn’t been performing the way you expected it to or you’ve recently seen a decline in … Continue reading

Get More From Your Social Media in Just 11 Minutes!

21 May 2014

Firstly… If you think that social media is not worth the time and effort then at least consider this – last year internet users spent more than 25% of their online time on social networking sites. So make a promise … Continue reading

Browser Testing – why is it important?

14 May 2014

Browser testing your website is of great importance these days. Why? Well simply because there are many different browsers out there that people are using and you want to make sure they’re all seeing your website how it should be. … Continue reading

3 reports within Google Analytics which will help improve your website’s performance

15 April 2014

Whether your business runs an E-commerce website or a simple brochure style website, every business wants their website to work to it’s full potential. That’s why it’s important to monitor your website’s progress on a regular basis. One useful tool … Continue reading

Google Adwords Advice – 3 Top Tips For A Small PPC Campaign Budget

11 April 2014

When you are first setting up a Google Adwords campaign your budget is often very limited. A monthly campaign budget of £250 can break down to roughly £8.33 for a daily campaign spend. Obviously the amount of clicks your campaign … Continue reading

Is Your Facebook Page Boring?

9 April 2014

Facebook Page management can be tedious if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. When did you last take a look at your Facebook page? What did you think? Were you uninspired, and perhaps bored? Well fear not, we’re here … Continue reading

What is email marketing?

9 April 2014

Email marketing, as the title suggests is the process of marketing through the use of email. There are different types of email marketing that you may have come across, as a customer or the marketer. A lot of businesses use … Continue reading

Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking

28 March 2014

E-commerce tracking within Google Analytics is an additional optional extra which when implemented, allows you to analyse the sales performance of products which you sell online. This is important tool because it can show early indications of issues which if … Continue reading

3 SEO Misconceptions Your Business Needs to Know

15 March 2014

1. “I want to be ranked as the number one result on Google” Any company can rank as number one on Google – if they type their exact company name into a Google search engine. If you do not rank … Continue reading

Choosing Your Perfect Keyword Match Type in Google Adwords

18 February 2014

Keywords provide the essential connection between a searcher and your advert. Just like the name suggests a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign means that for every searcher who clicks on your advert you will have to pay a small fee. … Continue reading

4 Changes in Online Search Behavior That Might Affect Your SEO Rankings in 2014

17 February 2014

As our lives have become more accustomed to the influx of new technology developments, finding information quickly which is both trusted and relevant, is becoming more of standard expectancy. Here are four points you need to consider when carrying out … Continue reading

How to Give Your Business More Love on Valentine’s Day 2014

11 February 2014

Valentine’s day is worth a £1.3 Billion to UK retailers, according to British Retail Consortium. With that said, if your business doesn’t take advantage, you’re going to miss out on generating more revenue for your business. Here are some of … Continue reading

Lost for Words About the New Social Media Website – Favourite Words?

6 February 2014

You might not of heard about it but there is a new social media network called Favourite Words which is designed to connect people together via words. This might be the words which you most commonly use on a daily … Continue reading

Is your website’s copywriting costing you money?

5 February 2014

If your website copy isn’t attracting, engaging and retaining customers, it’s costing you money. 2014 will be another record-breaking year for UK online sales, with 17% growth predicted by the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index.  To profit from this boom, … Continue reading

Importance of Good Web Hosting – Why Cheap Isn’t Always Cheerful

30 January 2014

When looking for web hosting, it’s important to find a company that is reliable and has a good reputation. Often many people will focus on how much their web hosting will cost, rather than the features the service offers. Why … Continue reading

Tweet Your Company to More Business With Twitter Promoted Products

27 January 2014

Twitter has long been regarded as a great way for many businesses to promote their product or services to their most relevant target audience. Whilst on first approach many would argue it is difficult to achieve success purely on an … Continue reading

Google Adwords or Linked-In Advertising? Which One is Best?

24 January 2014

On the Surface… Did you know the daily Google searches for 2013 is estimated at around 5,900,000,000? As I am sure you are aware, the Google search engine is one of the most commonly used across the world on a … Continue reading

Per’apps It’s Time for Your Business to Try Google Apps

22 January 2014

Google Apps are a collection of applications which help many business worldwide on a daily basis. Included are a variety of Google products such as Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk and many other Google Applications. What You Can … Continue reading

How to Increase Website Traffic

19 January 2014

The internet is growing at a rate of 571 new websites each minute. This staggering amount of new sites means that your website can easily disappear among the proliferation of more and more internet chatter. So how can you make yourself … Continue reading

Like Or Unlike The Facebook “Donate Now” Feature?

10 January 2014

Facebook have recently announced the launch of a new feature called “Donate Now” which will enable users to easily donate to charitable causes. As well as liking a page, users will soon be able to donate to non-profitable organisations directly … Continue reading

Check Your Inbox a New Gmail Update is Coming…

10 January 2014

In the following few days Google will be contacting all Gmail users about a new feature which will further connect your Gmail and G+ accounts. When composing an email and adding a recipient, this new feature will allow you to … Continue reading

The Saviour of this E-Commerce Christmas

9 January 2014

The Saviour of this E-Commerce Christmas might just be Colin. The superheroes Black Friday and Mega Monday have swooped in from the States, boosting UK online sales by up to a third and leaving a trail of 7.7 million Visa transactions … Continue reading

A Few Things You Need to Know About SEO in 2014

9 January 2014

Last year was indefinitely an eventful year in the world of SEO, with a multitude of updates and revised algorithms, many webmasters experienced a heavy workload. Here are a few crucial SEO updates you need to know to keep ahead … Continue reading

Writing Compelling Adverts for Google AdWords

29 October 2013

Google AdWords is a powerful medium to get traffic to your website. The higher click through rate of your Google advertisements is largely responsible for the success of your Google AdWords campaign, and this is ensured only when your adverts … Continue reading

What is keyword density?

27 October 2013

If you’ve ever talked to a Search Engine Optimisation expert about the ways and means of increasing traffic on your website, one common phrase you’ll hear is “keyword density”. The online marketers know what they are talking about, but a … Continue reading

6 Essential Tips to Promote Your Website

7 October 2013

A website is similar to any offline entity when it comes to establishing popularity. As you’d advertise your business or company in multiple forums, like newspapers, trade journals, magazines, TV ads, etc. to let the word out, a similar approach … Continue reading

What is an SSL Certificate?

5 October 2013

We’ve been asked recently by some of our clients, for whom we’re developing ecommerce websites for, “what is an SSL certificate and do I need one?” So, in this post we’re going to look at SSL’s in a little more … Continue reading

Keyword Competition Analysis

27 June 2013

What is “Competition” in terms of Google Adwords? Assuming you have a basic knowledge of keyword research, you will know that keywords are words or phrases that help find your business online. Keywords can generate more traffic to your website … Continue reading

SEO and Social Advantages of Google Author Snippet

10 June 2013

Google Author snippet has captured the imagination of both the authors of the content as well as the SEO experts looking for newer ideas to optimise the web pages. In short, Google Author Snippet is a small code that helps … Continue reading

Google SEO Plans – what’s in store for 2013?

22 May 2013

Google SEO Plans for 2013 have been revealed by Head of Web Spam – Matt Cutts. In his latest video he answers what we can expect from Google in the next few months in regard to search engine optimisation and … Continue reading

Remarketing – What do you think of THOSE internet ads?

16 May 2013

Remarketing – everyone using the Internet has experienced this. Not everyone knows what it is. Have you ever seen an advert on the Internet that seems to be directly aimed at you? Something that you searched for last week such … Continue reading

Facebook EdgeRank

10 May 2013

Facebook Edge-Rank, who’s heard of it? For anyone that uses Facebook whether it’s private or business related this new fancy algorithm will be very useful to you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to brush up on your mathematical skills, it’s … Continue reading

Facebook Offers: A beginner’s guide

9 May 2013

“Facebook Offers” is a fantastic way of engaging your audience and creating brand awareness. When your audience feels like they can participate in your social media efforts you have the opportunity to expand your sales and reach more potential clients. … Continue reading

Summer – the perfect time for a new website

7 May 2013

New website for a new season. Now that summer has finally arrived shoppers all around the country are venturing outside and spending more money. Whether it’s on clothes, food, sunglasses, flowers or home accessories, people feel good in the sun. … Continue reading

Facebook Business Apps – Top 5

3 May 2013

Facebook Business Apps can help to increase your website traffic, sales and brand awareness. Moreover they’re mostly free, which means you have nothing to loose. There are a lot of Facebook Business Apps around that will bring your page right … Continue reading

SEO Tools – Top 5 suggestions!

1 May 2013

SEO tools seem to be everywhere at the moment. If you work within search engine optimisation, chances are you’ve come across many tools on the Internet, promising to help you in this and in that. But which ones really work … Continue reading

Facebook Business Page – why do you get unliked?

23 April 2013

Your Facebook Business Page is a window to your company. Fans and followers will gaze upon your page and whether consciously or not, form an idea about your business. Do you look professional? Do you give the right message? All … Continue reading

Mobile Search Statistics

22 April 2013

Mobile Search Statistics continue surprise us. In this age of the mobile revolution, people are using their mobiles more and more to perform Internet searches. Can we expect mobile to overtake desktop usage in years to come? Before we get … Continue reading

Google Shopper App – how it can help you!

18 April 2013

Google Shopper is an App that allows you to shop more efficiently. The newest version of the App has a good looking interface featuring new ways to shop and find great deals. Why should you use Google Shopper? No matter … Continue reading

Linkedin Marketing

16 April 2013

Linkedin Marketing is often something that businesses miss when using social media. They may have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Pinterest board, but many are not aware about the benefits of using Linkedin to market their brand, … Continue reading

Facebook Home – what’s it all about?

15 April 2013

Facebook Home was released last Friday, but do we really know what it is? Have you downloaded it yet? Do you want to? Well, to answer all of your questions here’s all you need to know about Facebook’s latest release. … Continue reading

Youtube Marketing – how it could help you!

12 April 2013

If you have a business, it’s possible that you have asked yourself ‘Should I have a YouTube channel’? The answer is most likely yes, as Youtube marketing has many benefits which will now be explained. YouTube Marketing Benefits Depending on … Continue reading

Photography Apps – the best for your mobile!

12 April 2013

Photography apps – chances are you’ve got at least one on your smart phone. Depending on the make of your phone, there will be different photography apps available to you. Top photography apps for iPhone There are many photography apps … Continue reading

Google Plus – what you need to know

11 April 2013

You’ve got the hang of Facebook and Twitter… maybe even Pinterest and Instagram, but what about Google Plus? Have you bothered with it? Google Plus – What’s it all about? Google Plus is Google’s answer to a social network. The … Continue reading

Google Tips – Search for things like a pro!

11 April 2013

Do you want to save time every day? If so then keep reading. These Google tips will reduce your search time and help you find things more effectively and efficiently. Chances are that you’re not currently using Google to it’s … Continue reading

Use Instagram for Business

10 April 2013

Do you use Istagram? Perhaps you already have a personal account and enjoy sharing your photographs? Or maybe you don’t use Instagram at all. Well we’re going to tell you why you should use Instagram – for business purposes that … Continue reading

PPC Marketing – write great content for your ad.

8 April 2013

PPC Marketing can be an excellent way to get more traffic to your website and a great return on investment. However this can all fall apart if your ads are poorly written. PPC Marketing – how to write a great … Continue reading

Google AdWords Tools – negative keywords

8 April 2013

Google AdWords tools include a host features that allow you to analyse and manage your online advertising campaigns. The Keyword feature from Google AdWords tools, allows you to perform research on the popularity of your chosen keywords. Google Adwords Tools … Continue reading

Web Design Halifax

22 March 2013

Web Design Halifax – Local Development Are you looking for a professional web design in Halifax? Well you’re in luck, as now is the perfect time to find an agency to make your business a success online. Halifax is currently … Continue reading

Creating a Company Facebook Page: How to Guide

19 March 2013

So you want to set up a Facebook page for your company? First, you should be congratulated for making a very wise decision which shows you know what’s working in the marketing world today. A company called Lab42 recently asked … Continue reading

What is W3C?

14 March 2013

What is W3C? You have heard this expression in regards to your website, and may be wondering what it’s all about? Well, firstly it stands for World Wide Web Consortium, as you can see in the title of this article. … Continue reading

Pay Per Click Advertising – 14 perfecting techniques

13 March 2013

Pay Per Click Advertising Paid marketing such as Pay Per Click Advertising differs a lot from search engine optimisation as it returns results quickly. You can also control your campaign rather than waiting to see what happens. The catch is … Continue reading

Web Design Yorkshire – the historic region full of suprises

5 March 2013

Web Design Yorkshire – not necessarily the first phrase you put together when you think of the historic region is it? You’re probably more likely to think about cups of tea, the Dales, Yorkshire puddings, the countryside, Wensleydale Cheese… and … Continue reading

Google vs Bing: Which search engine is best?

28 February 2013

Google vs Bing – a phrase that you will hear more and more of this year. The reason being, recently Microsoft have been focusing on their search engine ‘Bing’, proving to be a very real threat to Google.  But could … Continue reading

Online Payment Gateway Comparison

26 February 2013

Introduction Online Payment Gateway refers to the secure link between your website and the bank. This is absolutely vital if you are to accept card payments online and have a successful e-commerce business. There are many Online Payment Gateways providers … Continue reading

Google Glass – the computer on your face

22 February 2013

You may have heard about the much anticipated Google ‘Project Glass’, it’s receiving a lot of hype and quite understandably. Who wouldn’t want to see science fiction become a reality? So, let’s explore what Google Glass is all about, presuming … Continue reading

PCI Compliant – what you need to know

7 February 2013

What is PCI Compliant? PCI stands for ‘Payment Card Industry’and it represents the debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM and POS cards. The major credit card issuers created compliance standards to protect personal information and make sure that there is a … Continue reading

Windows 8 Social Media Apps

5 February 2013

Windows 8 and Social Media The launch of Microsoft’s new operating system in late 2012, has steadily been growing and taking up it’s share in the market. However things have not expanded as quickly as first anticipated, could this be … Continue reading

Brands on Twitter – who’s best to follow?

1 February 2013

There are many brands on Twitter today who know how to use social media as a customer relations tool. So what is their secret? It’s simple they are dedicated to customer service. The impact of customer feedback is widespread throughout … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design, what is it – why should we use it?

31 January 2013

What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is basically a website which can work on different screen sizes, for example on your laptop, mobile & tablet devices. It’s the next big step in web design and is now being … Continue reading

Social Media in 2013 – what are the new trends?

30 January 2013

Social media has had some pretty big events in 2012, and now that we are into the new year can we identify the new trends to get ahead of the game? Did you know that social media use increased by … Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search – what’s it all about?

28 January 2013

Facebook Graph Search, you may have more than likely heard about Facebook’s new search tool in the past few weeks. It’s big news. What does Facebook Graph Search Do? Facebook Graph Search is basically a search engine which uses the … Continue reading

Social Media and Mobile Phones

21 January 2013

Social Media is changing the way we communicate with our mobile phones. Not only are people texting and calling, but they are now logging into the social media accounts and tweeting, posting, tagging, blogging etc… to communicate with their circle … Continue reading

Looking for a Marketing Agency in Leeds?

21 January 2013

Are you looking for a marketing agency in the leeds area that will provide you with the very best service? How do you select the right one? Marketing Agency in Leeds There is the perfect marketing agency for you out … Continue reading

Facebook Insights – A Beginner’s Guide

18 January 2013

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page? Or thinking about creating one? Then Facebook insights is a fantastic tool for analysing how people engage with the content you publish. Checking Facebook has become part of a daily routine for a … Continue reading

Trade Mark Your Business Name The Right Way

17 January 2013

In this article we’ll be looking at what trade marks are and how to Trade mark your business in the right way. What is a trade mark exactly? A Trade mark can be a words or logos or both, which … Continue reading

More Twitter Followers Today!

10 January 2013

You want more Twitter followers, and you want them fast. After reading this article you will know exactly what to do to get a bigger following today. Some people think that the numbers are not so important, they insist on … Continue reading

Website of the Month Winners – Wahoooooo!

3 January 2013

We’ve done it again! The studio have produced another award winning design and build. Last year Rowan Stickers (the original wheelie bin sticker company) appointed PS Website Design to design their eCommerce website.  Jamie Gill from our studio submitted the … Continue reading

Alexa Page Rank – Common Misconceptions

21 December 2012

You may have heard that web page ranking is quite important, but Google isn’t the only one providing page rank algorithms. Alexa is a global leader in analytics providing free global web metrics, it can tell you about the most … Continue reading

Press Release Online – Step by Step Guide

21 December 2012

The Internet has brought about changes to how we write for business and for pleasure. We’re not just referring to the chat abbreviations such as LOL, we’re talking about the creation of real content written with purpose and intent. An … Continue reading

Leeds website design companies – how to choose!

20 December 2012

There are so many companies that provide website design in Leeds – the commercial heart of Yorkshire. Leeds website design companies are part of a growing industry in the region, and there are many solutions to suit all businesses. PS … Continue reading

Social Media School

18 December 2012

Social Media is a relatively new phenomenon and increasingly popular in today’s environment. However, in spite of its advanced and varied platforms for social networking, the concept itself is still fairly new. Some platforms may rise and some may fall … Continue reading

What Makes Users Click?

17 December 2012

Users Click with Influences This article continues on from the ‘Emotional Triggers in Web Design’ Post, and explores what makes users click on links to websites. Think about why you choose to click on some sites rather than others, why … Continue reading

Leeds Marketing Agencies

17 December 2012

Are you looking for Leeds marketing agencies? When it comes to choosing the best marketing agency for you,  it’s beneficial to understand how they work and what services they can provide for your business. Leeds Marketing Agencies The city of … Continue reading

Google Apps Free Edition

12 December 2012

From this month Google is no longer offering its Google Apps Free Edition accounts for free.  When Google first launched this service in 2006 it started offering free accounts to 100, then 50 and then 10. With over 5 million … Continue reading

Social SEO – build relationships not links

29 November 2012

What is Social SEO? Social SEO means that you need to build relationships and not links. SEO doesn’t mean that you should become some kind of crazed internet pest, spamming people with links and generic information. Lets look at this … Continue reading

Colour Theory in Web Design

29 November 2012

What colours have you picked out for your website? Do you have a particular marketing message in mind? We have all heard that different colours can influence our mood and effect our behaviour, but should we really pay attention to … Continue reading

Guest Posting and its Opportunities

19 November 2012

What is Guest Posting? Let’s first define ‘Guest Posting’ before plunging into the details. When you write and publish an article on somebody else’s website or blog – this is called guest posting. Quite simple right? Why do we need … Continue reading

Ecommerce and Pinterest – A match made in heaven

12 November 2012

Ecommerce and Pinterest – Very Pintersting You’ve probably heard of Pinterest by now. If not, in a nutshell its a virtual pin board where you can share images, videos and other various objects based around hobbies, interests, events etc. So … Continue reading

Website redesign – steps to a successful makeover!

7 November 2012

Website redesign can be difficult, you need to take some time to plan and prepare. Follow our step-by-step plan and you’ll have yourself a successful site make-over! Do you need a complete website redesign? A complete redesign could spell certain … Continue reading

The Most Effective Ways To Perform Keyword Research

2 October 2012

Keywords and keyphrases form the backbone of any successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. Irrespective of the type of online venture, you require to target the right keywords and phrases in order to attract maximum leads. In this regard, keyword … Continue reading

EU Cookie Law – Requirements and Consequences

8 September 2012

What could be so alarming about the innocuous text files that almost every other site nonchalantly deposits on the visitors’ computers? Well, it’s the users’ privacy that these files can compromise. Cookies, or small text files, are routinely used by … Continue reading

Web Design in Bradford

4 September 2012

Web Design in Bradford is bountiful. There is certainly not a lack of online marketing services too, in this metropolitan city of West Yorkshire. With fantastic links from Bradford to London, Leeds, Manchester and more, business is booming, especially in … Continue reading

Website width – getting it right!

8 August 2012

The ever changing user preferences keep the website designers on their toes when they design for variable resolutions. The web page width has assumed a vital significance especially in the wake of newer products hitting the market on a daily … Continue reading

Skipton Web Design Agency

8 August 2012

If Skipton Web Design Agencies are what you’re looking for, then you’re in luck. Based in and around the market town of Skipton in North Yorkshire are many professional web design agencies who can offer you fantastic, professional services. Skipton … Continue reading

Google Shutdown More Services

6 July 2012

Since co-founder Larry Page stepped back into the CEO role, many of Google’s great services have been shutdown. This week the following services will no longer be available: Google Video iGoogle Google Mini Google Symbian Search App Google Talk Chatback … Continue reading

The Difference Between Vendors and Consultants

4 July 2012

An interesting video looking at the different roles between a Vendor and Consultant – which are you? For more information why not give us a call today

What are Microformats?

15 June 2012

One thing that modern technology has come to be associated with is adaptability. With the expectations of users outpacing the advancements in technology, there has been a constant struggle among developers to bring about necessary updates in the latter so … Continue reading

Effects of the Google Panda & Penguin Update

26 May 2012

The popularity of Google Search Engine has meant that the company has to constantly update and upgrade its Search Engine algorithm in order to ensure that only the most relevant results get priority over the inferior ones. To this end, … Continue reading

Crawling and Indexing

30 March 2012

Search Engine Indexing and Crawling Revealed Have you ever imagined how a simple text search query in a search engine throws up millions of results almost instantaneously? The advancements in the search engine algorithms have meant the ushering of a … Continue reading

Wakefield Web Design

12 March 2012

Are you looking for a fantastic Wakefield web design agency that can deliver you a professional website and enhance your sales online? Resting next to the River Calder, Wakefield is steeped in more history than most realise. It was the … Continue reading

Demystifying Google+

24 January 2012

When Google first launched Google + there was a lot of talk – but what’s it all about? Pioneered by the people behind Google Search Engine, Google+ can be understood as an amalgam of social networking and identity service. Some … Continue reading

Harrogate Web Design – is your website good enough?

1 January 2012

Harrogate web design The small spa town nestled in North Yorkshire could be where you find the website solutions you’re looking for. Not only does this charming town offer many popular tourist attractions, but amongst it’s Yorkshire Dales’s surroundings there … Continue reading

SEO Press Releases

13 December 2011

Writing and submitting SEO press releases for publication is one of the most popular modes of promoting your website. The primary objective of a press release is to announce to the world something newsworthy about your website or business. For … Continue reading

What is Google Encrypted Search?

29 November 2011

Google recently announced that the searches by the logged-in users will be encrypted from now on. This effectively means that the privacy of the users is now more stringently protected while using Google Search Engine. This also means that the … Continue reading

Enabling WordPress Menus

31 October 2011

This post looks at enabling WordPress menus – this great feature has been available since WordPress 3 +.  For all those themes that don’t have this feature enabled this is how to do it. Step 1. Open up your your … Continue reading

Web Safe Fonts

3 September 2011

Unless you’re a designer, the chances are that you’ll be stuck with the default fonts that came pre-configured when you bought your PC or MAC or other operating system. So, if you’re going to publish a website or email marketing … Continue reading

How to setup email accounts on “Microsoft Outlook”

2 September 2011

A question we get asked is how do we setup our email accounts on Microsoft Outlook? First you’re going to need the server settings for both your incoming and outgoing mail servers and your username and password. Once you have … Continue reading

Web Design in Manchester

7 September 2000

Web Design in Manchester – if you’re based in the vibrant metropolitan city of Manchester and you’re looking for professional web site then keep reading. You will find ample choice of agencies offering web design in and around Manchester amongst … Continue reading