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Before the internet was invented, we looked for information in books or magazines, but today, thanks to the wonder of search engines such as Google, we can ‘Google’ things instead. Using Google (or Yahoo! for that matter) it takes a matter of seconds – all you have to do is type in a search term and wait for the results. In fact it is hard to imagine what life was like before Google was invented, but if you want a quicker alternative to searching for things on Google, hold on to your hat because there is now a different way.

The Blippar app has been around for a while. It was first created as an image recognition platform, but the original app has now been reinvented. There is now a new and exciting way to search and interact with the world around us.

How Does the Blippar App Work?

The reinvented Blippar app uses the camera on your smartphone to look at an object and then takes this image to search for information online. Eventually Blippar will be able to take any image and search for it online, but the service is being launched in waves and for now it is only available for use on fiction books, English language album covers, movie posters and DVD covers.


The Blippar app is very easy to use: all you have to do is ‘Blipp’ an object and wait for the app to offer you contextual, real-time information from the digital world. To illustrate how Blippar works, if you blipp a DVD cover, you might be presented with reviews, bios of the stars, links to the original novel that inspired the movie, and a whole host of other relevant, contextual chunks of information. However, the real magic with Blippar lies in what the app developers have in store for us.

Search for Any Object With Blippar

Eventually, any object in the physical world will be fully searchable. Your ability to find out more about the world around you will be limitless and it is not difficult to feel excited about such an amazing resource becoming available from your smartphone screen.


The app developers say that their image recognition service will transcend the language barrier and allow users to source information in an instant. The technology behind Blippar has massive potential. It won’t replace textual searches, but it does offer great value. It also satisfies our desire for ‘instant gratification’ in a fast-moving world. Imagine how easy it will be to visit a new place, ‘Blipp’ anything that catches our interest, and learn more without ever picking up a guide book or resorting to Google.

A Fast and Fluid Experience

As the app is developed, it will incorporate artificial intelligence and location-based technology to personalise and refine results for the user. It will be faster and more fluid than a traditional web search, so instead of scrolling through pages of search results, you can digest key information in an instant.

You can download the new Blippar app from the iTunes store and Google Play today.

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