Rivalry Among Competitors Likely to Change UK Experiences This Christmas

Every year Christmas shopping brings companies together to tug at people’s heartstrings in an epic battle for consumer attention. Before December even arrives, big companies take betting wars in smaller advertising tests on unsuspecting media consumers. This year is no different as John Lewis, Sainsbury, Marks and Spencer, and others, go head to head for consumer attention.

The £7 Million Penguin Story

In this heart wrenching story by department store chain John Lewis, a young boy gives his lonely pet penguin the love he has been looking for in a gift all about romance. With over 13.5 million YouTube viewers, we can just picture John Lewis counting their black-ink sums now.

While this video is heart warming, it is just the tip of the media iceberg in a season filled with Penguin-related merchandise and gear. As evidenced by an array of merchandise in collaboration with publishing houses and Samsung,  John Lewis brings to life a consumer haze of books, toys, phone apps, and store experiences all included in the £7 million campaign to bring penguins to the masses.

John Lewis always creates fabulous, well thought out Christmas adverts, and their 2014 advert certainly doesn’t disappoint.  It reminds people that Christmas is a day that should be shared with loved ones, and that it’s a time to give someone a gift that they’ve been dreaming of.  It’s certainly made us want to buy a Monty The Penguin!

The War is On Says Sainsbury

In a complete 180 from penguins, Sainsbury declares an ad war by capturing audiences with a truce. While their take on advertising is inspired by real events that happened in 1914 on Christmas Eve, we can’t help but wonder where they plan to go in this battle of the giants. The ad shows no products, but two soldiers exchange a candy bar and wandering glances over enemy lines, heart warming right?  Made in conjunction with the Royal British Legion, all profits from the chocolate bar shown in the advert will be donated to the RBL.

Sainsbury’s have really done well to remind people of the centenary anniversary of the First World War, and their advert has certainly got a lot of people talking since it was released.  Reminding people that Christmas is not a time for fighting, whilst in no way detracting from the harsh realities of WW1, is what this advert does best.  It’s a time to think of those who are fighting wars abroad, as well as those who are unable to spend time with their loved ones this Christmas.

What War? Retorts Marks & Spencer

Singing “Fly Me to the Moon” in an epic battle of nonconformity, Marks & Spencer bring out the faeries. Spreading holiday cheer, in their very Peter Pan-like advert, in the form of magically transformed awesome clothes, presumably sold by the big chain. In this captivating tale, two fairies have a night on the town and transform ugly frozen line-drying clothes into high-end joy. In this odd dash of short story cheer, the faeries can also be seen returning lost pets, engaging in cupid’s job of matchmaking, and then punching their time-cards at the fairy union office.

By including a mix of people from all areas of society, and making their wishes come true, Marks & Spencer are encouraging people to think about those around them this Christmas. And, of course, advising people that their Christmas will be extra special with a little bit of sparkle from M&S themselves.

Enjoy the Multi-Billion Dollar Holiday Cheer

So, who will win your hearts this year during the Christmas shopping season? Send us a tweet @pswebsitedesign to share your thoughts.

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