Your Social Media Audience - Who's Following You? How Well Do You Know Your's?

By understanding the correlation between your customer and social media audience, you can develop an accurate overview of your target audience and customer personas. This data will not only help you create appropriate targeted campaigns but also allow you to source similar customer information and email marketing lists.

What do your customers and social media audience have in common?

Firstly take a look at what your customers and social media audience have in common. By this we mean, is the age range and location of the people who follow you on Twitter or Like your page on Facebook, the same as your actual customers? Also what other key information do they have in common and do you recognise any customer names across your social media channels?

By utilising social media analytics you’ll be able to discover…

Audience demographic Audience locations Audience hobbies and interests Other popular brands

As a result, the more you know about your businesses’ existing customers and target audience, the easier it will be to develop effective marketing campaigns. Plus by using this valuable data to nurture ‘soft leads’, your targeted audience will be more likely to convert.

How to grow your social media audience

According to a survey by Sproutsocial, 41% of people will unfollow a brand that doesn’t share relevant information. Therefore engaging brand content will not only land with your target audience, but will also encourage old and new followers to connect with your business.

It’s also important to create an approachable online persona your audience can relate to. Using the right tone of voice and establishing your brand values will not only help you connect with your audience, but will also reinforce customer loyalty and engagement.

How does your consumer interact with your business?

It’s important to know how and when your customers interact with your business. By monitoring this, you can schedule your posts to when your social media audience is most active. For example a B2B company may understandably find its followers are most active during office hours, while a B2C business may find weekend and evening posts drive more engagement.

As well as considering timing as a factor, it’s important to understand some of your social media channels will be more popular than others within your target audience. Therefore if your customer personas are more active on one particular channel, you can use this information to strategically target them.

It’s also worth noting different demographics prefer different social media channels. For example. 79% of 30-49 year olds actively use Facebook compared to the 22% that use Twitter (Pew research). However by understanding your social media audience and tailoring the marketing messaging around your potential customer, you’ll increase the chance of conversion.

Encourage your social media audience to tell you more

Knowledge is power, so use your social media profile to spark conversations with your target audience. Create polls and surveys to hear their thoughts and find out what their interests are. As by building relationships and understanding your customers needs, you will be able to create quality content which not only resonates with your target audience, but also drives sales.

In a world driven by customer data, many businesses underestimate the power and reach of social media. As a result, if they do post any content, it’s without any consideration for their target audience or without any formal objective. Yet by simply introducing a social media strategy, an organisation could really move the dial in terms of new customer acquisition and sales.

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