Why email marketing is still the future of the recruitment industry

Email marketing has been an industry staple for recruiters for many years. Cheap and easy to manage with an ‘open rate’ of around one in five, it remains the most consistent method of recruitment marketing in the world, despite the rapid emergence of social media.

Take a stroll through our handy guide to getting the most out of your email marketing.


What are the main benefits of email marketing to the recruitment industry?

  • The benefit that attracts most recruiters is that it’s cheap Sending an email costs diddly squat, which comes out cheap no matter what marketing style you compare it against.
  • It’s easy to manage Once you’ve developed an intelligent mailing list, you can target your emails to people you know the vacancy or subject is relevant to by utilising your efficient Customer Relationship Management system.
  • Increasingly important in today’s social media-savvy world, it’s quick and it’s real-time. Recruiters can send out their hottest job opportunities at the click of a few buttons as soon as they hit the inbox.
  • The fact is that email is one of the most easily-sharable of all formats. If a job opportunity or interview tip isn’t necessarily of interest to the recipient, they can forward it to a friend or colleague in two clicks. And their address book is right there!
  • Some marketing channels present ambiguous and difficult-to-digest analytics results. Email marketing, however, draws precise and valuable analytics, including delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention rates.

So, how can my recruitment business get more out of email marketing in 2016? Four quick tips to email marketing superstardom..

It’s not easy, but those who appreciate the importance of email marketing should also realise that tactics are shifting all the time. How you should go about your email marketing is changing on a season-by-season basis, with new trends coming to the fore for 2016. Here are a few ultra-modern tips on how to stay ahead in the recruitment industry email marketing bun-fight.

  • Did you know that reading emails is still the number one activity of smartphone users? 90% of millennials have a mobile phone, and around 70% of job applications are completed on a mobile device. With all that in mind, design your emails to be highly responsive and mobile-friendly. Ensuring recipients actually enjoy digesting your message is vital - that 20% open rate is useless otherwise.
  • Well-known brands such as Pret, B&Q and Lego have started already, but trends suggest that designing interactive email content is going to be commonplace by the end of 2016. Can your recruitment business include video, for example?
  • Hyper-personalisation is key. The more intelligent mail software gets, the easier it will be to hyper-personalise your email output and appeal to individual clients and candidates. The trick is to think around segmentation - the days of sending the same email out to a mailing list of thousands is well and truly over.
  • You may be doing this already, but integrating email and social media is good practice, especially if your social media is something worth shouting about. Has a tweet about current recruitment trends got a lot of attention? Put it into an email update - it showcases your online presence.

All statistics correct at the time of research. Featured image courtesy of Pexels and used under the terms of Creative Commons.

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