Facebook Business Page - why do you get unliked?

Your Facebook Business Page is a window to your company. Fans and followers will gaze upon your page and whether consciously or not, form an idea about your business. Do you look professional? Do you give the right message? All of these things will be taken into account by the visitor.

Facebook Business Page Checklist

It's your job to ensure that everything on your Facebook Business Page is in tip-top condition. You should be able to check off everything on the following list;

  • Is your website URL the first thing listed in your company description?
  • Have you provided links to your other social media channels?
  • Is your cover photo well designed and fits the Facebook specifications?
  • Does your cover photo have a description? Is it linked to another page?
  • Does your profile photo portray your brand clearly?
  • Are you offering fans exclusive content that they can't get from your website or other social media channels?
  • Are you providing fresh content, new posts and interesting visuals on a regular basis?
  • Do you engage with your audience?

What did you score?

Facebook Business Page Popularity

Have you ever noticed that your Facebook Business Page has suddenly got a few unlikes? This can really be demotivating if you're putting a lot of hard work into your page, but what does it really mean? Are you doing something wrong? Was it something that you said?

These following reasons could explain why people are unliking your Facebook business page;

  • Self Promotion - are you constantly talking about yourself? Well don't, it's annoying. People don't want to be harassed with sales pitches, advertisements and other such means of getting them to buy your products/ services. You should become friends with your audience, find out what they're interested in, engage and discuss. Try to balance out the percentage of what you post, for example; 70% interesting & light hearted content such as your blog posts or images, 20% shares on behalf of your followers, thus leaving 10% for a sophisticated sales pitch. Once in a while it's acceptable but not constantly.
  • Over the top posting - do you constantly post things? If so then you could be clogging up people's news feeds forcing them to unlike your page to stop the nuisance. Even if you're posts are great, too much of a good thing can be bad too! Try to get the balance right. Between 2 and 4 posts a day is fine.
  • No activity - as well as doing too much, you can do too little. A Facebook page with no activity is absolutely pointless. You may as well not have one. If you want to have a page, regular content and activity should be obvious to a new fan. It really gives a bad impression of your business if you have neglected social media channels.
  • What's with all the negativity? Have you ever been annoyed by someone on Facebook venting their issues and problems or just criticising other people? Take note and avoid doing the same thing. It's not professional and it just oozes a negative vibe. You should show to your fans that you are worthwhile following, not make them regret and unlike you as a result.
  • Trying too hard - Don't be the person who tries too hard to be funny by posting the latest Internet MEMES all day. It's not relevant, it's not cool and it's just not necessary. Yes it's okay to have a sense of humour, no it's not OK to dilute your companies credibility with time wasting content.
  • Out of your control - you'll like this one: Sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it. It's not your fault, you're not to blame, these things can just happen. Maybe someone liked your page by accident, or a while ago and no longer need your information. You shouldn't take this personally as it's completely normal. Some people may just be cleaning up their Facebook Pages and think 'Oh I don't really need to like that company, I'm not interested in that product/service anymore' . Perhaps they thought you were a completely different company than you actually are? So don't be alarmed if you notice a few unlikes every week, what's important is finding new targeted and relevant people to like your page.


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