Facebook Home - what's it all about?

Facebook Home was released last Friday, but do we really know what it is? Have you downloaded it yet? Do you want to? Well, to answer all of your questions here's all you need to know about Facebook's latest release.

Facebook Home - What is it? 

Facebook Home was designed for mobiles. However it's not just another app that you casually download from your provider. It's prime purpose is to bring your Facebook world to the core of your mobile.

So instead of touching a few buttons to get to your Facebook application, your news feed, posts, photos and everything else that's associated with your profile will load on your mobile home screen - when you turn your phone on. Whether you see this as necessary is completely subject to opinion.

The idea of 'not missing a moment' is what the guys at Facebook are trying to push forward. Everything is quicker... oh and you can multi-task between the use of other apps.

Facebook Home Pros

  • After downloading Facebook Messenger (separately) you can chat with your friends whilst using other apps.
  • Notifications from Facebook appear on your home screen - you may be thinking that you phone did this before... but not in the same way apparently.
  • Notifications are bolder - making things more... bold.

Can you think of any more?

Facebook Home Cons

Facebook Home has received a lot of bad press and here's why;

  • Pushing out Google - there are rumours that Facebook are trying to oust Google. It's not entirely difficult to believe when you think about through a couple of things. First, the Facebook Graph Search that was released not so long ago threatening King Google with it's personalised search abilities. Now they release a Home screen for your mobile home screen... making you forget about your Google search bar that was previously there. Or does it?
  • Limits advanced mobile technology with the prioritization of Facebook features.
  • Is it really needed there all the time in your face on your homescreen?
  • Do you really want pictures from your friends displayed on your home screen? Facebook advertisement creates a very attractive news feed, but in reality lets face it our friends are likely to upload some really random things.
  • Will it stay on Android? At the moment the Facebook Home is only available to Android phones... on HTC 1 . Why is this? Well with iPhones for example, they don't like Apps tampering with their home screen... understandable.


If your a Facebook fanatic who's always online doing what you do, then maybe Facebook Home is for you. If not, then it may annoy the hell out of you. Don't take our word for it though, download it yourself and see what you make of it. Do let us know what you think or if you're already using it... do you love it? Do you hate it? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

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