Facebook Offers: A Beginner's Guide

"Facebook Offers" is a fantastic way of engaging your audience and creating brand awareness. When your audience feels like they can participate in your social media efforts you have the opportunity to expand your sales and reach more potential clients. Making Facebook offers that are exclusive to your Facebook company page has so many more advantages than just gaining new "Likes".

Facebook Offers - what are they exactly?

A Facebook Offer is an online coupon created on Facebook and displayed exclusively on Facebook for your audience. Your Facebook followers can claim your offer to use either in your store, online or both. The offer will encourage your audience to purchase your targeted service or product.

So where will your offer appear? Your Facebook offers advert will appear on your Facebook Page and can even be promoted via Facebook Page Post Ads. When your fans participate in your offer, stories will automatically be generated in their news-feed, generating more reach. If you see necessary you can also throw some money at the offer and promote the post, which will help spread the word. Another cheaper option is to inform your audience on your other social media platforms such as Twitter about the offer, directing them to your Facebook Page.

Okay - How do I create Facebook Offers?

1. Click on the "Offer, Event +" option.


2. Select where you want to the Facebook offer to be displayed.


3. Redemption Option


4. Select if you wish you offer to be used on your website or via a promo code.

5. This next stage is the fun part. Upload a catchy image that is relevant to the offer, write a bold headline, limit the number of claims, enter the expiry date and create your own terms and conditions.


Once you have completed this stage, you can post your offer which will then display on your Facebook Page for your audience to redeem!

Your offer will depend on your business but the possibilities are endless, whether you're a restaurant offering a free drink upon checking in on Facebook, or a clothing store offering free delivery for liking your Facebook Page. The type of offer is best judged by yourself but if you're stuck what will be the best offer feel free to contact PS Website Design and we'll help out!

Facebook Offers - what to expect after?

After your Facebook offers are up and running, it's normal that you'll be thinking 'what next?'. A great thing about Facebook is that it allows you keep track of your ads and offers with a simple to follow analytics system.

What are you looking out for? The key thing to look out for is not how many have Liked your offer or page as a result of the offer, but how many people followed through. Think about how many sales it has generated for you. Was the offer successful? Could it be improved and adapted? Would you implement it again? Remember to experiment with your marketing strategy in order to find what works for you.

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