5 Ways To Double Your Website's Traffic By Using Twitter

Every website wants more traffic; more eyes on the page, letting potential customers see what it is that you are offering. Twitter is a fantastic social media tool which can help drive traffic to your website, enticing people, showing them your content in easily digestible and engaging titbits. But how can you use Twitter to generate more traffic to your website? Here are our five key points.

Create content that people need

Twitter is about sharing content. It's about generating ideas and it's also about showing your potential customers how you can help them with what it is they need. You need to be sure that when you are creating content that it's actually about what your customers want.

For example, if you are a dentist and you create a post about celebrity teeth, it can be a throwaway example of good-looking teeth OR you can find a voice within the narrative which explains how that content relates to your clinic visitors, talking about what it is the celebrity has done to achieve this look and how you can do it for your clients as well.

If you can understand what it is that you do for your customers and then create content that is geared towards fixing your customer's problems, then you will be able to draw in new people to your website.

Strong tweets grab attention

The way that you phrase a tweet will be element that makes or breaks your Twitter strategy. If your tweet doesn't grab your audience immediately, then within 30 seconds, that tweet will have vanished off into the ether, never to return.

Ways that you can improve your tweet's draw include:

  • Using numbers - Moz.com proved this with the headline '30 Ways to Make Tea Drinking More Delightful' which had more than twice the clickthrough rate than the plainer 'Ways to Make Tea Drinking More Delightful'.
  • Use fear - Phrases such as 'Never' or 'Worst' draw more clicks than positive tweets, although use sparingly to avoid looking negative all the time.
  • Be specific - Tell the person exactly what it is they're going to see from clicking through to your site. It could be just what they are looking for.
  • Use images - Images get a much better response than plain tweets. In fact, tweets using pic.twitter.com links are 94% more likely to be retweeted.
  • Use Twitter Cards - Twitter Cards are easy to implement and can make your links much more enticing.

Multiple shares for maximum leverage

When you have created good content, you need to ensure that it is getting out there. On Twitter, this means sharing it more than once. However, you can't just send the same tweet out over and over - that's spam and no one wants to see it. So how can you send out content repeatedly without losing followers?

Try packaging your information in different ways.
Your first tweet promoting a post can simply be:
'New blog post: Five proven ways to double your website's traffic by using Twitter http://link.etc.'

The next posts can be a question:
'How can you double your website traffic using Twitter? http://link.etc.'

Next, try a fact or quote from the post:
'Phrases such as 'Never' or 'Worst' draw more clicks than positive tweets. Find out how you can get more traffic from Twitter http://link.etc.'

Try click bait:
'One company doubled their clickthrough rate from Twitter from one campaign http://link.etc.'

Remember, there are lots of ways to package a piece of content to ensure you are getting the most from it.

Update constantly

Don't just use Twitter to promote sporadic posts. Try to use it every day, getting new followers by engaging with customers, following new people, and sharing relevant content, even from your competitors.

There are a number of apps you can use to help you with your tweets, letting your schedule them and send them out at the best times, including over the weekend. Only 19% of brands tweet on a weekend, but more people are on there as they're not at work. There's less marketing chatter and more chance for you to get your voice heard.

Monitor your results

Finally, make sure that you are keeping an eye on your analytics. Figure out what works and what doesn't, and hone your campaign over time to make sure that you create more posts which resonate better with your customers. For more information on how we can help your business take a look at our social media marketing page or get in touch with us.

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