Choosing Your Perfect Keyword Match Type in Google Adwords

Keywords provide the essential connection between a searcher and your advert. Just like the name suggests a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign means that for every searcher who clicks on your advert you will have to pay a small fee. Therefore making sure your advert is as relevant as possible to the searcher can often determine how successful your campaign is going to be in providing a return for your investment.

Understanding what the searcher is looking for and how they search can also be key to success. For example if a person uses the phrase “yellow boat” they could be searching for a yellow speed boat, a yellow banana boat, a yellow model boat or a yellow ferry boat. Therefore if you are using the wrong keyword match type for your campaign, someone who is searching for a "yellow banana boat" may well end up clicking on your advert for a yellow speed boat.

In Google Adwords you can assign a keyword match type which allows you to select how wide or narrow a search query can be to your advert. Choosing the right keyword match type could help your campaign avoid any unnecessary irrelevant clicks.

Broad Match 

This is the widest match type available as it can account for keywords which have misspellings, synonyms, abbreviations, plural formulations and accents.

+Modified +Broad 

This match type will only cover a modified or closely related phrase or variations in any order and will not cover words or phrases which are synonymous.

To use the modified broad match type you must have the + symbol before every word you within the keyword phrase you wish to include.

"Phrase Match"

Keyword phrases which use the phrase match type will allow your advert to be shown only to people who use your exact phrase in the same order or close variations.

To apply this to a keyword phrase you must include quotation marks "before and after" your chosen keyword phrase.

[Exact Match]

Exact match will allow your keyword phrase only to be found by users who are searching for your exact phrase in the same order as your keyword phrase.

It is important to select all exact match phrases carefully because if the keyword phrase is too specific, it could mean you will might out on some relevant traffic.

To use the exact match type you must [surround your keywords in brackets].

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