Google Adwords - Know Your Network Types

Whether you're managing a Google Adwords campaign yourself or your using a company, understanding the differences between "Search" and the "Display network," can be extremely beneficial in moving towards a successful pay per click campaign which will provide a return on your investment. Here's what you need to know about the different types.

Search Network Only

This network is most widely considered the most targeted approach. By limiting your campaign to "Search Only," you can attract visitors which are more actively searching for your products or services. Here your advert will appear above or alongside the search results shown on Google partner websites.

The sites which are most commonly linked to the search network mainly show text ads.

For example if you were searching for “mens watches” via a Google search engine, it’s likely that you will see an advert which will use that phrase as a keyword.

The Search Partner Network includes Google search, shopping, maps and images.

Display Network Only

This network is predominantly used to promote brand awareness to a wider audience reach. It is often regarded as being best suitable for Adwords campaigns with higher daily budgets.

Within this network type you can create various ads which include text, image and video ads. Once your advert has been created, it will be placed on websites which are best related to your products or services.

The Google Display network includes sites like Gmail, YouTube, Blogger and Google Finance.

Search Network with Display Select

This option allows users to manage a campaign for both the search and display networks. This is a new feature which Google added last year in November 2013 which replaced the old Search and Display option. Opposed to the old campaign type, it is said to offer an improved rate of results which could offer higher conversion rates for some businesses.

It’s important to remember that this network does not allow a separate budget to be applied to each network. This is something which is worth considering, particularly if you are setting up a new campaign or setting up a campaign for the first time.

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