Google AdWords Tools - Negative Keywords

Google AdWords tools include a host features that allow you to analyse and manage your online advertising campaigns. The Keyword feature from Google AdWords tools, allows you to perform research on the popularity of your chosen keywords.

Google Adwords Tools - Negative Keywords

However, in this article we are going to focus on how to incorporate negative keywords into your PPC campaign. Google Adwords tools allows you reach the most relevant audience, which can ultimately bring many benefits to you including;

  • Prevention of the 'wrong type of traffic' - stops people being directed to your website who are searching for something else entirely than your product, which may share a similar name.
  • Get more a more valuable click through rate - attracting the right customers will increase the value of your click through rate, meaning that you can manage your website analytics more accurately.
  • Reduce Costs - this is what we all love to here! Your costs will undoubtedly be reduced with excluding the keywords which you may be spending money on but not receiving anything in return. Just think about this loose example; You have a business selling Apples and a great ecommerce website online. Image you put an ad out for 'buy apples here' or something to that effect. What else could be associated with the innocent fruit? Yes, you got it. Apple Macs. The amount of irrelevant traffic driving your PPC through the roof will cost you dearly. You may have lots of traffic directed to your site, but is it worth something? Absolutely not. It needs to be relevant. That is why it is important to exclude negative keywords, in this case they would be; apple mac, apple products, apple shares, buy apply computer etc...

How to Add Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords - Things to Watch Out for in Google Adwords Tools

Whilst negative keywords can help you reach the most interested customers, there are some things to be wary of too.

  • Don't go over the top with adding negative keywords - using too many negative keywords could really limit the amount of traffic you get. The best advise is to just exclude the most obvious negative associations.
  • Don't be shocked if your ad displays for searches that contain your negative keywords. Why? Well, when you use a keyword that contains more than 1 word for example 'Fresh Apples',  your advert may still display on somebody's search for 'Fresh Apple Mac Games'. The way to combat this is to think about your negative keywords carefully to exclude the most obvious clashes.

If you have any questions about your Google AdWords campaigns you can talk to one of our Google Certified professionals are always ready to help. Or you can read more about our Pay Per Click Management Services.


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