Google Analytics Goals & Funnels

Google Analytics has been an indispensable tool for webmasters since the time it was first launched back in November 2005. You can easily monitor and improve the performance of your website using the different tools and features built into Google Analytics.

We're going to take a look at two of these powerful tools to equip you to set goals for your website and get vital information, like from which step potential customers could be leaving your website.

What are are Google Analytics Goals?

A goal in Google Analytics terminology can be understood as the accomplishment of a task you would like your users to complete on your website. For instance, goals can be completing a sign-up page, subscribing to a newsletter, completing an order, or a simple click on a link that leads to a news article. Google Analytics Goals allow you to measure the number of times a task (goal) is accomplished. In the Search Engine marketing parlance, this is commonly known as conversion rate.

Whenever a user successfully arrives at a particular webpage, it indicates the completion of a goal. For instance, “Thank You” page tells you that the user has successfully placed an order on your ecommerce website. Similarly, “Products” page signifies the successful completion of the goal of attracting the leads to view the listings.

What are Google Analytics Funnels?


Try and think of a funnel like a raodmap, the route that your visitor will take to reach the goal. In other words, funnels outline the path taken by the users to arrive at a destination. For instance, if the goal is a “Thank You” page on an ecommerce website, the funnels could be the products listing page, individual product page, checkout page, shipping details page and the payment page. So, each funnel is essentially a page that eventually will lead the user to the goals page.

Google Funnels allow you to define these pages within the goal so that you can see exactly the funnel page where the visitors abandon the goal and where they went after abandoning it. A Funnel Visualisation Report is generated, which outlines the funnel path of the visitors.

Benefits of Google Analytics Goals and Google Funnels

Google Analytics Goals and Google Funnels offer multiple benefits for your e-business. These include:

1. You can easily define goals and funnels for your business. This will help you analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your products and/or services.

2. By learning the conversion rates, you get to know the efficiency of your internet marketing campaign and take necessary corrective measures as and when required. Your marketing strategy may need revision or there may be something inherently wrong with your products and/or services. There may be any reason for low conversions. Google Analytics Goals and Funnels will help you identify the underperforming aspects of your online business so that you can act accordingly.

3. Once you learn about the behaviour of your target customers, increasing the conversion rate becomes a whole lot easier, as you can then make changes to your website or product pricing or any other aspect that is putting off the visitors and not converting into goals.

4. Sometimes, upon analysing the figures shown by Google Goals and Funnels, you may come across a serious flaw in the functionality of your website. For instance, a link, which is vital to accomplish the goal, may not be working at all or malfunctioning. You can then rectify such technical faults in the website.

5. Essentially, Google Analytics Goals and Google Analytics Funnels provide you with important data relating to the performance of your  online business. This is highly technical information, which is difficult to measure. The best part is that you are getting it for free. Without spending a penny, Google Goals and Funnels empower you to make your online business a success.

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