3 reports within Google Analytics which will help improve your website’s performance


Whether your business runs an E-commerce website or a simple brochure style website, every business wants their website to work to it’s full potential. That’s why it’s important to monitor your website’s progress on a regular basis. One useful tool you can use to analyse your website’s performance is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics can provide valuable insights into how visitors and potential customers interact with your website and also the individual pages visited by a user. Within Google Analytics you can track a wide range of factors which can provide indications of what is working on your website and what you may need to improve.

Google Analytics provides data such as the amount of visits to a particular page, to visitor location, how many pages a visitor looks at, the time they spend on the page and much more.

Here are 3 Google Analytics reports you might not have known about which will help you evaluate your website's performance.

1. Frequency & Recency


This report can provide you with valuable information about how many users have visited one or more occasions. If you are selling your products online, and you have a low proportion of recurring visitors to your website, this might indicate your website is not performing to it’s full potential and you may need to further analyse why this is happening.

2. In-Page Analytics


This part of Google Analytics allows you to see where the most popular clicks occur on the various pages. This can often provide a good indication of how users interact with your website. For example navigational tabs and links which appear lower down the page might have a lower interaction rate than links which are at the top of the page.

Top Tip: If you’re having difficulty accessing this report, make sure you have disabled the https access at the top of the search bar. To do this you will need to click on the shield icon  located in the top of your search bar. For Chrome browsers you need to select “load unsafe script” and for Mozilla Firefox browsers you need to select “disable protection on this page.”

3. Mobile Overview


Within this section of Google Analytics you can view various data regarding users who have visited your website on desktop computers, mobile and tablet devices.

If your website isn’t built in a responsive design (you have to zoom in and out to view various pages) then your Google Analytical data may show a high proportion of single page visits or possibly a lower average visit duration in comparison to desktop users.

These are just some of the reports within Google Analytics which will provide you with the valuable information you need to improve your website's performance.

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