Google Glass - The Computer on your Face

You may have heard about the much anticipated Google 'Project Glass', it's receiving a lot of hype and quite understandably. Who wouldn't want to see science fiction become a reality?

So, let's explore what Google Glass is all about, presuming you're completely intrigued and would like to know more about the computer that you can wear on your face.

Google Glass Features

So what can these amazing Glasses do? Well imagine your smart phone right in front of you - hands free - attached to your face - disguised as high-tech glasses - and yep you've just about got it.

What can you do with Google Glass?

By using simple voice commands you can;

  • See sat nav directions
  • Take pictures
  • Reply to emails
  • Video Chat
  • Record Videos of what you see
  • Translate your speech into different languages
  • Ask questions to get information straight from Google

Watch the video!

Release date

Since 'Project Glass' is still in the early stages, Google have stressed that they can't promise that it will be perfect. However if this doesn't bother you ( and you live in the USA), a very exciting opportunity to get involved awaits you. Google have asked people to be super creative and say what you would use google glass for via Google+ or Twitter, using the hashtag #ifihadglass.

For the general customer, there is yet to be a date announced when Glass will be available.

The Future

It is likely that google glass will be mass produced in 2014, an earlier release doesn't seem on the cards at the moment.

You are likely to see more technology like this popping up like this in 2013, especially with other companies now making head-up display units. To demonstrate, Oakley launches Airwave which are ski goggles with built in sensors telling the user how fast they're going, music they're listening to and even the size of their jumps! Crazy right? We can expect more mind boggling technology like this.

You’ll be seeing a lot more wearable technology in 2013, with other firms producing head-up display units. For example Oakley launches Airwave which are ski goggles with built in sensors telling the user how fast they’re going, music they’re listening to and the size of their jumps.

Possible Problems

First generation bugs are bound to be a problem for google glass especially with such an intricate technology, therefore perhaps mass production isn't on Google’s mind at the moment.

The look of the glasses is also an area that will need to be worked on. Despite how technologically advanced the glasses may be, a large quantity of people are not going to wear them if they look dorky, bulky and make you look like an odd ball. Apparently Google are currently working with an ecommerce start-up company called Warby Parker are said to be helping google come up with more stylish frames. Good news.

There is the risk that this could be just another futuristic fad. There needs to be a real use for the Glasses OR people need to want them enough. Even though Google have released a demonstration promotional video on Glass, they will need to put a lot more effort into getting them marketed and giving people an idea of the future price.


What would you do with Google Glass? Tweet or Facebook us your ideas, we're sure that you can come up with some belters!

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