Google Plus - what you need to know

You've got the hang of Facebook and Twitter... maybe even Pinterest and Instagram, but what about Google Plus? Have you bothered with it?

Google Plus - What's it all about?

Google Plus is Google's answer to a social network. The idea was to group together services from Google, in order to use them more efficiently and take advantages of a social network  at the same time.

So what can you actually do on Google plus?

  • Group your friends - you can classify your friends into groups such as 'colleagues', 'high school', 'family', 'people I don't really like'... ' ex girlfriends' .... whatever you want!
  • Sparks - think of Google reader but more tailored to you! Sparks will give you content based on your interests, including links to videos and photographs... which is nice!
  • Hangouts - Basically a virtual room where you can video chat with you friends...
  • Huddles - Google's word for group messaging. You can send messages to multiple people from your contacts
  • Instant uploading -  take a snap from your Android phone and automatically upload to your profile!

Google + Facts

  • Top cities for Google + usage are; LA, New York and San Francisco
  • Was originally only invite only, but due to high demand became available to everyone soon after it's release.
  • Males are the dominant users at 63%
  • After the US , India and the UK are the next biggest users of Google +


Do you use Google Plus? If so we'd love to hear about your experiences!

Google + can be very profitable for businesses. Even though it may seem like nobody is using this social network, you'd be surprised how many actually do.  It is known that Google + allows you to form more personal relationships with your customers, especially because it is dominated by quality content.

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