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These Google tips will reduce your search time and help you find things more effectively and efficiently. Chances are that you're not currently using Google to it's full potential. Like most Internet users you're probably using Google with it's most basic abilities - don't worry if you are, only the technologically nerdy will be aware of the expert techniques that can be applied.

Google Tips - get ready to become an expert!

  • Exact Phrase - Let's say you know exactly what you're searching for such as - photography advice. You can put this phrase into  double quote marks, like this "photography advice".
  • Exclusion  - Imagine you have searched for "photography advice" but the results are more aimed towards experienced photographers, where as you just want some basic tips. In this case you can actually exclude terms you don't want included in the search results. Did you know about that? The way to do this is to simply include this sign - "-" .  For example, your search would be:  photography advice - professional.
  • Do you want to search for two things at once? No problem, just add OR. For example: photography OR cameras. This is one of the best Google tips that people perhaps require the most!
  • Do you know when you get those annoying missed calls on your phone from a number you don't recognise? Well Google makes it easier to find out who's been trying to contact you. Just search for - phonebook: 000-000-0000 .

Are you keeping track of the Goole tips? Bet you didn't know you could do all of this!

  • Now if you know a specific site that you want to search for something on, you can do this directly from Google's search bar. For example - "internet marketing" . Simple as.
  • Want to know quickly what a word means? Our last of the google tips is to type in define:photography.

Further Google Advice

Have you ever wondered what the extra features on Google?

I'm feeling Lucky

Ever wondered what the I'm Feeling Lucky search option is about on Google? Well, it's designed to help you spend less time crawling for web for the information you are looking for. By clicking the 'I'm feeling lucky button', you will be directed to the first web page that contains your search query.

Advanced Search

If you're looking for something truly specific you can use Google's advanced search which lets you specify the language, region, reading level, file type, and much more!

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Hopefully these google tips have given you an idea just how much time you can save when searching! If you have any Google tips feel free to share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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