How to Hide Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Hashtags on Instagram are the key to increase your online presence organically (i.e. for free). They’re how people find new content that might be of interest to them. Sometimes, when you’ve got some great Instagram Stories to share with the world, adding hashtags to them can help too.

Now, there’s no guarantee that it will massively increase your visibility overnight - it’s a bit like a lottery ticket, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

For anyone that uses hashtags in Instagram Stories already, you’ll know that these hashtags can often spoil the desired aesthetic. With up to 10 hashtags allowed per story, it can become quite unsightly having a long list of them taking up space and covering up your great content. We’re going to show you how you can hide hashtags in Instagram Stories, making them effectively invisible!

Step 1

Get your story ready to post.

Step 2

Add text and type out your hashtags.

Step 3

Get your text into place. Find a suitable background, ideally all one colour. We’re going to use this colour to blend the text into the background. If your text doesn’t fit into a single background colour as it is, you can resize your hashtags by pinching or zooming with your fingers.

Step 4

Once in place, tap your text again to edit it. To the left of the available colour circles, tap the colour picker tool.

Step 5

Drag your finger across the story image. Notice how your text changes depending on the colour you select with your finger.

Step 6

Using the colour picker tool, select the background around your hashtags. In this example, we are selecting the white background, so that the text also turns white.

Step 7

Tap ‘done’ and your story is ready to be posted!

With your hashtags in place (but hidden in plain sight!) you can now reap the benefits without them ruining your great content.

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