The Ultimate Guide to How to Create a Business Facebook Page

If your company does not have a Facebook Business Page, you are really missing out on a modern day way to engage with your customers and target audience. Yet we understand if you if your main competitor does not have a social media presence or you don’t see it as a valuable use of your time.

However today’s consumers do expect a bona fide business to have its own website and at least one dedicated social media channel such as Facebook. The reason being, looking up a Facebook Business page has become a very good way for consumers to develop trust, research a brand and check how the company deals with any issues or customer complaints raised by genuine consumers.

So with your customers and target audience in mind, here’s our no-nonsense guide to why your company needs to create a Facebook page for your business and how to get your self up and running.

How many people use Facebook?

With over 1.2 billion Facebook users checking their account at least once a month and 654 million users viewing Facebook via their mobile device everyday; it’s clear why brands are developing their social media presence.

So let’s take look at the number of Facebook users who fall into working age.

Facebook Age Demographic Number of Users Percentage of User Base
13 - 17 9.8 Million 5.4%
18 - 24 42 Million 23.3%
25 - 34 44 Million 24.4%
35 - 54 56 Million 31.1%

Why should you set-up a Facebook business page?

Unlike Twitter, Facebook does not have a restrictive character length for social media posts, therefore you can maximise your messaging and encourage your audience to get involved.

Benefits of a Facebook business page include…

  • Straightforward to setup: Provided you have everything you need to set up a branded and consistent business page.
  • A ready-made audience: There are 24 million active Facebook users in the UK, so you have a lot of new potential customers within easy reach.
  • Customer engagement: The great thing about Facebook is that it actively encourages you to develop rapport with your customers.
  • Reviews
  • Contact info

Is a Facebook business page suitable for a start up?

A Facebook business page can be a very useful start-up platform, but in the long-term your micro business will most definitely benefit from a traditional web presence. As we mentioned, today’s consumers expect even a small business to have an official website and a dedicated social media channel.

I’m convinced! How easily can I set up a Facebook business page?

There are two ways you can do this. You can either set up the page yourself via your own Facebook account or simply get in touch with us to do it for you. Based on your business goals, we can also develop a social media strategy for you and manage the day to day running of the account; freeing you up to process all your new sales leads.

However if you do decide to create the page yourself, remember you will need to source ‘mobile friendly' sized company logos, digital banners and images which (to avoid any copyright issues)  can be legally used on social media for commercial purposes.

How to create a Facebook business page

Firstly, you will need to sign in to your own Facebook account. This is so Facebook can perform its own due diligence and confirm you are a genuine user (real person) and that your business actually exists. If you don’t want to set up a page using your own…..

Then in the top right hand corner click ‘CREATE PAGE’.

Facebook will then display several options to choose from including local business or place, brand, or public figure.


You’ll then be asked what kind of business you are and for some additional corporate details. So select the topics which apply to your company and complete all the necessary “personal profile” information such as your name, profile picture and Facebook cover photo.

Editing the Business Name & Page

Then complete the “image” fields, remembering to pitch all your content to your target audience, not your friends and family.

So customers can easily find your type of business on Facebook, you can also list up to three categories your business covers/specialises in.

I’ve set up my Facebook business page, so now what?

When it comes to administering your Facebook business page, no updates or the wrong type of activity can look even worse than not having a social media presence at all. The reason being, customers will translate this as your business can’t be bothered to engage with its audience or even worse, your business does not look genuine and can’t be trusted. That being said, you don’t want to go to the other extreme and spam your audience either, as this will most likely have the opposite effect and turn off potential customers.

The best thing to do is prepare a social media strategy. From deciding how often to post, to what type content to put in from of your audience.

A comprehensive social media strategy which includes reviewing what works and what doesn’t, will not only help your business grow, but create rapport and turn your social media audience into brand ambassadors.

Sounds like a lot of work. Can you help?

Of course we appreciate you may not have the time or resource to develop a comprehensive social media strategy, however we are here to help.

Our approachable team can work with you to create the ideal social media strategy for your business; plus we can even take care of the day to day management of your Facebook business page for you, leaving you to concentrate on all those new customer leads and enquiries.

Can you pay for advertising on Facebook?

An additional benefit of the popular social media channel is the ability to create a facebook marketing campaign via Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads provide a simple and low cost way to get your business in front of potential customers.

For example, if you own a Mexican restaurant and you want to advertise a themed event, Facebook will enable you to target consumers over the age of twenty-one who are genuine food and drink lovers, interested in travel and live locally to your premises.

So for more information on advertising your business on Facebook, check out our Easy Guide to Facebook Ads here…

Alternatively, why not give us a call so we can look at the potential reach from a Facebook Ads campaign.

So there you have it, if you would like to find out more about our social media services, including Facebook business page setup and management, simply give us a call today for a no obligation chat about how social media can benefit your business.

For further information on business facebook pages, view our article - Can You Run a Business Just from Facebook Without Creating a Website?

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