How to Set Up a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the social network for business users. Having a personal LinkedIn profile means you can network and make important business contacts without ever leaving the office, but creating a company LinkedIn page will help you take things to the next level. So if you run a business, or you have been asked to provide some marketing expertise, here is a simple tutorial on how to set up a LinkedIn company page.

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Setting up a company page on LinkedIn is easy. You probably already have a professional LinkedIn profile, so all you need to do is login and navigate to the ‘Companies’ menu, which is located in the ‘Interests’ tab. The ‘Add a Company’ link can be found in the top right-hand corner of the page, next to the FAQ button. If you already have company listed in your profile (because you added a job position at the company), adding some extra information will automatically set up a new company page.

LinkedIn will ask you for the company name and an email address. The email address you use must be directly associated with the company website, i.e. if the company has a website, the email address must take the format: [email protected]. You will be asked to verify that you are authorised to act on the company’s behalf and LinkedIn will send a verification email. When this arrives, follow the instructions contained within the email to complete the set-up process.

Once you have a company page set-up, it is time to fill out the profile and add plenty of information so people can learn more about the company and what services it has to offer. Filling in some of the basic company information, including the company name, size, industry and a description of what the company does is mandatory. The rest of the information fields are optional, but it is in your best interests to provide as much information as possible. Basically the more information you include in a company profile, the better. Don’t forget to upload your company logo and blog RSS feed, so people can recognise you and start subscribing to the blog.

Other Useful Tabs

  • The Careers tab is useful if you are looking to recruit new staff. There is a charge associated with advertising a position, but it is a great way of reaching people in your industry directly.
  • The Products & Services tab is exactly what it says on the tin. Come here to list products and services your company offers, along with some useful information. You can even list individuals as direct contact points for a specific product or service. And if you get any recommendations, list them on this page.

Once you have created a LinkedIn company page, it is time to market the page to your followers and other LinkedIn users. LinkedIn provides useful statistics to help you assess how successful your marketing efforts have been. If you need any help with social media management or anything else contact us today.

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