Mac OS X Yosemite - Top 5 Cool Tips and Tricks

Apple no longer names its OS updates after big cats (Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard etc). Instead it has switched to famous Californian landmarks and Yosemite is the second incarnation of the OS X. Yosemite was first made available on October 16 2014. A second beta release for developers came out at the beginning of December. There has also been a third beta version released to enable developers to have a go at fixing lingering bugs.

If you want to upgrade your Mac OS to X Yosemite, download it for free from the Apple store. Users with OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.8 onwards can upgrade. Mac hardware from mid 2007 onwards is supported.

So how does the new Mac OS work and what are the best features?

1. In the Spotlight

The Spotlight feature lets you search for content on your Mac, Wikipedia, and the internet (via the Bing search engine). It’s a useful of finding key information quickly. Just click on the small magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the screen.

2. Call from a Mac

With the new Yosemite OS installed, you can now use your MAC to make calls and answer incoming calls from your mobile. All you need is an iPhone and an active carrier plan. You must have the same iCloud account active on both devices and be signed into FaceTime. The devices also need to be linked via Bluetooth and be on the same Wi-Fi network. You can initiate calls from a Spotlight search or directly through the Contacts app.

3. Continuity Features

Yosemite gives users the ability to pick up a task started on a different device. Handoff works when all devices are logged into iCloud and on the same Wi-Fi networks. For example, if you started composing an email on your iPhone but were interrupted, you can finish it later on your Mac. As well as mail, Handoff works with other apps, including Messages, Calendar and Notes.

4. Mark Up PDFs and JPEGs

If you are a whiz with the red pen, with Yosemite installed you now have the ability to ‘Mark Up’ PDF files and images attached to emails. You can also add a signature to an email using the trackpad on a laptop. Alternatively, use the camera to capture a signature drawn on a white piece of paper.

5. Goodbye DropBox

Do you frequently have to mail large files? If so you probably resort to DropBox. With Yosemite, large attachments can now be sent and received via mail. Mail Drop lets users send large attachments via iCloud. When you hit ‘send’ the attachment is uploaded to iCloud and then downloaded on the recipient’s device. If the user has Yosemite installed, it’s seamless, but if they don’t, they will receive a download link to the file.

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