Migration Strategy: The Devil is in the Detail

How risky is it to update your website?

If you are refreshing the look and improving the offer of your website, that is a good thing. The customers who come to the website will know you are an up-to-date and key player in your market. What could go wrong?

You may want to change your offer or have a different structure from your old website because your way of working has changed a lot since you launched the old version of your website. Or it may just be tired and out-dated design and customers no longer think you look like the best in your field. The risk is that Google thought your website was the most relevant and authoritative answer to people’s searches and brought you lots of visitors by ranking you high in Google search results. What if when you change websites Google has a change of mind about the authority of your website and doesn’t let it rank as it did? You might suddenly see a drop in traffic to your updated website. The last thing you want to do is to fall into a website redesign trap.

How can you update your website but do everything you can to keep what Google likes about your old website? What is the secret?

The answer is not a secret. It’s many, many, many details that collectively are called a migration strategy. The key is a detailed and comprehensive plan of action to analyse your old website and optimise your new one. It’s much more than setting up redirects from your old pages!

A Migration Strategy Should be Detailed

It’s the science of SEO that is more multi-faceted and complex than you would ever imagine, and needs to be! Remember this is a plan to keep up with the sophisticated and ever-changing algorithm that Google uses to rank websites. Our team has decades of experience working on SEO and we have a very comprehensive migration strategy package to offer our clients when they launch a new website. Can you afford not to have the right migration strategy?

If anyone tells you that it’s simply a matter of launching a new and refreshed website for success online, then you should be worried. Make sure you aren’t throwing the baby out with the bathwater and you have a thorough migration strategy - the devil is in the detail!

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