PPC Marketing - write great content for your ad.

PPC Marketing can be an excellent way to get more traffic to your website and a great return on investment. However this can all fall apart if your ads are poorly written.

PPC Marketing - how to write a great ad

  • Spacial Awareness - be aware that you don't have bags of room to write a sales pitch on your PPC Marketing ad. You should use the characters you have got wisely. Content is extremely significant factor of the overall quality of your ad campaign. Poorly written ads can lead to irrelevant website traffic and high costs. You should keep things simple and straight to the point.
  • Reach out to your audience - you will only annoy people with your ads if they're not relevant. They will appear unprofessional and moreover you won't reach the right audience of potential customers.
  • Why should they buy? Whatever your product or service you need to think about the benefits for the customer. What do they gain from buying from you? What's in it for them, and what is the solution? These are all things that you need to think about when writing your ad, to avoid just pushing a product in people's faces.
  • A little bit of personalisation goes a long way. Try to target your ad so it's as specific as possible. This way you appeal strongly to the interested customers and don't attract irrelevant traffic. It's win, win.
  • Spelling Check! Nothing looks worse than mispelt ads, they appear as spam and seem so, so unprofessional!


 PPC Marketing - types of bad adverts

Believe it or not, there's a wealth of bad PPC marketing ads out there, benefiting nobody. If you want to avoid being part of these, then you need to be aware about the different type of bad adverts out there.

  • Irrelevancy - As mentioned before irrelevant ad content can cost you and drive the wrong type of traffic to your website, but not getting you any sales.
  • Grammatical Errors - Avoid spelling mistakes, and really try to make your ad content 'human'. Marketing language is also a no go, this isn't going to appeal to people, it will only make them think 'oh they want my money'.
  • Nonsense - Your ads need to make sense, so form real sentences and phrases with informative information about your product/ service.
  • Passive - Don't just say something like 'Summer Dresses for Sales' it's passive, it's boring and there is no solution for the customer. Try something instead like 'Need a new summer dress? Find the perfect one for your body-shape here' - it's far more active, provokes interest and provides a solution. This is a much better technique for PPC Marketing.


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