The Difference Between Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Now I know this is not the number one topic that everyone is eager to hear about this month, but knowing the difference between a Privacy Policy document and Terms and Conditions will prove incredibly valuable to your business. And here's why...

What is a Privacy Policy and Why Do I Need One?

A Privacy Policy is used to inform your visitors how their personal information will be collected, stored, and whether it is shared with other partners or sold to other businesses.

A Privacy Policy should be individual for your business. It should include the relevant law which is applicable to your business’ industry and location.

Website Terms and Conditions

These are the governing conditions which state what the users must abide by in order to use the website. Terms and Conditions can prevent claims from people who use your website.

Terms and Conditions commonly include a disclaimer notice which will ensure that should any information be displayed incorrectly on your website, you cannot be liable to the visitor if they have depended upon the information on your website.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. “Do I Need Both a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions on My website?”

This answer can vary depending on the website. It’s important to remember that a Privacy Policy is typically required for all businesses which collect personally identifiable information that belongs to the user.

If you've an E-commerce website, you will need to have a Terms and Conditions of the Sale of Goods document which could include information regarding your returns policy, delivering information and ordering information. There are many great legal guides to help you with your website’s Terms and Conditions if you are unsure.

2. “Will a Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Give Me Liability Protection?”

Having both a Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy on your website is the best way of protecting you and your company from potential claims from visitors who use your website. This is why it is essential to ensure they are drafted clearly and concisely.

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