Is your recruitment website one of the 90% not offering users an effective mobile experience?

It’s time to bring your online presence into the 21st century, recruiters. Day by day, the internet is becoming more and more mobile-led, and the fact is that the recruitment industry is lagging behind in the mobile stakes.

Studies show that 90% of recruitment firms were not offering their users an effective mobile experience in a world where around 70% of job searches are carried out on a mobile device. Crazy, huh!


So, what does ‘mobile-friendly’ mean?

OK, let’s rewind a little. Put simply, a mobile-friendly website is one that displays correctly on hand-held devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads and tablets. The size of a screen on an iPhone, for example, is around 1/5th of that on a desktop computer, meaning a site that looks great and works well on a PC will probably not translate so smoothly onto an iPhone.

OK, so why is this so important?

Aside from the fact that 57% of mobile users leave a non mobile-friendly site within a few seconds of landing there, being mobile-friendly will greatly improve your website’s Google page ranking. In April 2015, Google updated their search algorithm to make sure mobile-friendly sites landed higher up the page rankings than their non mobile-friendly counterparts. Mobile-usability is one of around 200 complicated factors that determine this, but it’s one of the more important ones.

Give me the stats!

  • According to, as of late 2015, 9/10 recruitment firms were not offering an effective mobile service.
  • Research by The Huffington Post suggests that 57% of mobile users leave a non-mobile friendly site within a few seconds of visiting a page.
  • In fact, in 2015, around 65% of graduates and a whopping 62% of all passive candidates accessed recruitment and executive search sites via a mobile device, according to
  • The number of job searches figured were carried out on a mobile device in 2015 in the US alone last year? Somewhere around a billion.
  • A survey carried out by estimate that by 2018, Millenials will make up around half the western world’s workforce. They also deduced that over 90% of these people own a mobile device. You do the maths.
  • Google Search considers the percentage of job searches carried out on a mobile device at 70%.

According to, high-potential mobile users are;

  • 8% more likely to sign up for job alerts
  • 12% more likely to express interest in a position
  • 9% more likely to complete a job application
  • 11% more likely to take a job-related assessment

So, what can my firm do to make ourselves more mobile-friendly?

First and foremost, it’s absolutely vital that your website itself is designed to be mobile-friendly. This can be done with an online app such as bMobilized, although for best results and high Google efficiency, you may wish to consider a complete website re-design.

Once this is done, building an easy, mobile-responsive application process is a great way of engaging potential clients and harvesting their data. Studies suggest that having saved their CV and details to the site, Millennials expect to be able to browse a job description and apply on their mobile within 30 seconds.

A sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system, optimised for mobile devices, can be an incredibly useful tool for engaging leads in email marketing campaigns, ensuring your presence is retained regardless of whether appropriate job vacancies are currently open.

Whatever you do, do it now!

The time is now, recruiters. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, there is huge potential to be unlocked out there. Contact PS Website Design today for a consultation on how your recruitment website can be made more mobile-friendly, and join the 10%.

All statistics correct at the time of research. Featured image courtesy of Pexels and used under the terms of Creative Commons.

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