Summer - the perfect time for a new website

New website for a new season. Now that summer has finally arrived shoppers all around the country are venturing outside and spending more money. Whether it's on clothes, food, sunglasses, flowers or home accessories, people feel good in the sun. The change of season can influence shopping habits, we've all fallen victim to it - grabbing a quick ice cream on a nice walk, getting some new decorations for your garden or taking a trip to a new place and buying a few odd bits from shops that you wouldn't normally see. A new website can make the difference this summer between a boom in sales or loosing out to your competition.

Why a new website?

Your company has probably had a website for a while now, but the time HAS come that you re-think your presence on the Internet. Just like every industry things change, new rules appear, old rules disappear - the Internet and digital marketing are no exceptions. Your corporate website needs to keep up with the latest trends in order to seriously compete within your market.

With people using the Internet more and more to search for products before shopping, it's really vital to have a good looking and functional site that displays highly on the search engine result pages. So what are businesses doing now with their websites?

  • Blogging - having a blog is one of the best ways to get better visibility on search engines. Relative, regular and quality content is what it's all about these days. If you're website is lacking fresh content, you're not going to be making progress on search engine result pages - quite the opposite actually.
  • Social Media - is not only changing the way we communicate, but our shopping habits too. With so much competition on the Internet it's important to engage with your audience in the way that they expect.
  • Optimising for Search Engines - search engines such as Google have now stricter regulations on how you can get more traffic to your website. Certain methods such as unnatural linking will now get you penalised, causing you to fall off search engine ranking pages thus costing you sales and business. Your current website may not be compatible with how things are today, so it's worth finding out the health of your website from PS Website Design with our free website health checker .

A new website - your virtual shop window

Your website should be the virtual shop window to your store. You've heard of the online shopping phenomenon, the digital high street works in a very similar way to a real life high street with physical shops. We're now in a society where customers will check you out online before visiting your physical store.

Answer these questions;

  • Would you leave your shop window looking untidy?
  • Would you leave the same products in your shop window for years and years on end?
  • Would you keep the same decorations and accessories in your store despite changing fashions?

If you've answered NO to each of these questions then now think about your current website. What message does it give to your customers? Your customer who is going to choose the business that looks the most reliable and the most trustworthy. Would you enter a shop that looked... dodgy? No, nobody would. You would enter a shop that looked safe, visually pleasing, competent and professional, and that is exactly the impression that you need to give with your website. If you don't already have this, then it's time to seriously consider a new website.

Especially with mobile searches on the up. People are searching for services and products on their phone, on the move. Your new website could be the determining factor between you and sales. A new website that responds to mobile platforms and other devices is becoming more and more necessary if you want to be taken seriously as a business.

Do you need a new website?

Getting a new website doesn't have to be complicated or expensive - at least not with PS Website Design. Investing in a new website will bring you right up to date, put you ahead of your competition and get more customers to your physical or online store - or both! Call us today for a quote! What have you got to lose?

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