Bespoke Website Design - The 4 Main Benefits

With so many templates and out-of-the-box website themes available, many business owners are questioning why they should pay for a bespoke website.

If you are amongst those who are looking at the pros and cons of having a professional website designed for your company, the following information may prove to be helpful when making the decision that is right for you.

1. Tailored to Your Needs

Many of those templates and out-of-the-box themes that you can readily find on the internet are a stock solution to building a website. This means that the developer chose to include as many features as possible that would appeal to a wide audience. Unfortunately, many of those ‘bells and whistles’ are completely unnecessary and make for major confusion when trying to post anything from content to contact forms on your website.

A bespoke website will undoubtedly cost a bit more to have developed but will only include those features you need, making it much less time-consuming in terms of installation and upkeep. Remember that time is money so wasting time trying to get your website to work for you could make it cost prohibitive to use a stock solution.

2. A Website that Can Grow Along with Your Company

When you have a bespoke website designed for you, only those features you absolutely need will be included in the Content Management System, CMS. As your business grows you may need to add features that were unnecessary in the beginning. Instead of bogging your server down with all sorts of unnecessary features, apps and plugins, you can have a site that is considered to be bare bones and specific to your needs.

As your company grows you can add the latest technologies as you need them. Why waste time and space on features you may never use in a lifetime?

3. A Totally Unique Look to Build Your Brand

Then, there’s the fact that off-the-shelf website themes will prohibit you from developing a look and feel that is totally your own. No matter how many colour changes and skins come included with the package, it is easy to distinguish a stock theme from a bespoke theme.

If you are looking to build your brand, it is in your best interest to use a bespoke theme developed specifically for your company. A unique design and build is what sets you apart from the competition.

4. Less Vulnerable to Outside Attacks

Unfortunately, most of those free or inexpensive themes out there are extremely vulnerable to cyber-attack. Bear in mind that they are developed on an open-source platform which means that anyone familiar with the mark-up language and coding can easily make changes to your site that could quickly bring it crashing down.

If you require even a modicum of security, having a bespoke site is truly in your best interest. Whether you take payments online or simply gather contact information from customers and potential customers, a cyber-attack could be your undoing.

Yes, it may cost more initially to have a bespoke website built for you but in the long term the savings could prove to be huge. Get a user friendly website that has a fully responsive web design that is unlike any other out there, safer than a stock solution and that will enable you to build your brand. In the end you will find that a bespoke website is better suited to your needs and so much more cost effective.

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