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27th January 2014

Tweet Your Company to More Business With Twitter Promoted Products

Twitter has long been regarded as a great way for many businesses to promote their product or services to their most relevant target audience. Whilst on first approach many would argue it is difficult to achieve success purely on an organic basis, by using the Twitter Promoted Products tool you may be able to improve your market reach.

When you first set up your Twitter Promoted Products Campaign, like other marketing avenues such as Google Adwords and Linked-In advertising, you can set a daily budget which will ensure once this budget is reached your advert will no longer be displayed.

How it Works

The Twitter promoted Products Tool works around a bidding strategy. You can either choose to select whether your want to bid for the amount of followers you want to receive, or the amount of times a user will click on your advert.

Typically the average follower cost ranges between $2.50 and $4.00 about (£1.20 - £2.00)

Different Ways To Promote Your Business 

Promoted Tweets - These are regular Tweets with the additional benefit of reaching both current and potential followers.

Promoted Trends - If you're a regular Twitter user you will know that trends are popular topics which are currently happening. Promoted Trends will appear the same way as any typical trending topic. The only difference is that they will clearly be marked as a promoted trending topic to the user.

Individual Account Promotion - A Twitter account may be suggested for a user to follow if they already follow accounts from a similar industry sector.


1. You can target an audience with similar interests which may make them more likely to choose your business if they are actively seeking your products or services.

2. Once you have attracted an interested user to your account you can then organically reach out to contact users even when your Twitter advertising campaign isn’t live.

3. Retweeting a positive comment from one of your customers may encourage others to use your product or services.


1. Twitter is known to attract many spam users which could follow your account or interact with your advert.

2. Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform which requires constant social media management. Users want to know about the most recent topical information. Information the user has already read or seen elsewhere which is repeated on your twitter feed may give the impression that your account is old or outdated.

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