Upgrading to Sage Pay Protocol V3.00

Sage Pay has just announced that businesses using older protocols on their e-commerce websites need to upgrade to the latest protocol (v3.00). On 31 July, older versions will be discontinued, so if you don’t take the necessary steps before this date, customers will no longer be able to buy products on your website.

What is Sage Pay?

Sage Pay is part of The Sage Group. It is one of the leading payment service providers for e-commerce websites. Sage Pay makes it easy and safe for customers to make purchases online and tens of thousands of businesses use Sage Pay as their payment service provider.

What is a Protocol?

Protocols are a set of rules. Protocols allow different systems to communicate effectively with each other, so every time a customer buys a product from your website, the Sage Pay protocol allows their payment information, including name, email address, amount, currency, etc., to reach Sage Pay.

Why is the Protocol Changing?

Sage Pay, like many other service providers, is continually improving its systems to increase security and reduce the incidence of fraud. Each time improvements are made, new protocols are introduced, and there are currently four different versions in operation:

  • 20
  • 22
  • 23
  • 00

As of 31 July, all older versions (2.20, 2.22 and 2.23) will be discontinued, so if your website is still using an older protocol, you need to upgrade it to v3.00 as soon as possible.

What Protocol Does My Website Use?

Sage Pay may have already notified you if your website is using one of the older protocols, but if you are not sure, ask your website developer to check which version you currently have in place.

Upgrading to the Latest Protocol

The procedure for upgrading to the latest Sage Pay protocol will depend on how your website is set up. If your website has been built for you, you should contact the web developer as they will need to make the necessary changes. If your e-commerce website uses a shopping cart system, the company you use should sort out the upgrade for you.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving this important upgrade until the last minute. If your website uses Sage Pay and the protocol is not upgraded by 31 July, it will not be able to process payments after this date, which will be disastrous.

For older websites, the Sage Pay protocol upgrade could become a major issue, so if you are not sure whether your website is one of those that will be affected, or you need help with the upgrade process, contact us for advice today.

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