Web Design Trends of 2015

When thinking about the different aspects of web design it is important that you take into consideration the full spectrum of possibilities that are presented by the internet. Globally pushing the limits of human interaction and imagination, bold web design is a factor that is often seen with creative industry websites and other edgy industries.

Top 4 most common themes showcased by Landrover

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular web design trends used in 2015 which inspire innovation and new opportunities based on the Land Rover website. Some of these designs could even completely change your perspective on modern websites.


1. Go Big Or Go Home...

One of the most important principles of websites used this year is to make things big. The Land Rover website has been cleverly designed to display a large video with minimal text to optimize their users visual enagagement and interaction.

Another big change that has been more commonly adapted is the navigation settings on a website. You now have the option to have it completely removed or at the very least hidden in the form of a small icon. There are two different flavours of this web design, known as ‘Cinematic’ and ‘Book Cover’. The first is inspired by TV ads and movies, whilst the second takes its inspiration from printed books and magazine covers.

2. The Multimedia Experience - Be Engaged!

In itself, the multimedia concept is quite dated. Since the multimedia world itself has been quite overused, it has lost its meaning over time. However, regardless of this armies of programmers and web designers are constantly fighting to ensure that it retains its popularity and continue to create new multimedia experiences that are increasingly engaging their users.

Previously, Flash was the platform for the multimedia experience, however presently the HTML5 element that allows designers to create almost any visual effect on a website is preferred. The Land Rover website uses this trend with the addition of a cursor effect when users navigate around the text laid over the video on the site.

3. The Parallax Effect Mutations - Get Scrolling!

The evolution of Parallax has seen a multitude of different variations which each have one thing in common. Web designers use mouse movement or page scrolling in order to animate different elements and properties of the page. Innovative scrolling such as that used on the Land Rover site where users can drop down into a menu displaying different car models available, allows for designers to create and include larger images on the page, which brings into use the ‘go big’ technique mentioned earlier.


4. Flat Design - The King Of Design

Flat design has been known as the ‘king’ of designs for the past few years, and it still doing great and is just as popular in 2015. It’s not likely to lose any popularity in the future, especially with smaller elements such as menus, icons and illustrations. Flat design can be incorporated into a number of different web design techniques, including bigger elements of design or minimalistic design schemes. The Land Rover website uses a flat design for its main menu and other aspects of the site.

If you are planning on creating a website in 2015, you could choose to use a trending design theme, or why not use a less popular design technique to try and bring it back into popularity.

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