What Your Web Design Company Probably Didn't Tell You!

Often when a web design company redesigns your website their attention is primarily focused on making it look more appealing. On the surface this can make your website look like it has undergone a great transformation. However, several months down the line you later discover it's not had the impact on your business revenue that you'd previously expected. And here's why.

If you've previously had a website redesign and discovered it's provided a disappointing result for your business it's likely that you've been trapped somewhere in the following cycle:

cycle of bad website design

How to Make Sure Your Website Redesign Investment is Justified

The ultimate goal of any website redesign is to improve your overall online business potential. This could involve: increasing the amount of online sales, increasing the amount of new business enquiries or enhancing your brand presence. Therefore it's critical that the website's performance is analysed prior to producing any new design concepts. Key focus points should include:

  • Any areas of your website which are currently under-performing
  • Any areas of your website which are working well
  • Common visitor interaction
  • Key website performance indicators such as average time on page, bounce rate and average visits to the website
  • Current website rankings
  • How your website performs against direct competition

How We Can Help to Ensure Your Website Redesign is a Success

At PS Website Design we have a proven website redesign process that ensures we deliver the best return for your investment. Even after your website is launched we'll work with you to ensure your online presence continues to work in line with your business' expectations. To find out more about our website redesign services talk to a member of our team today.

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