Writing Compelling Adverts for Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a powerful medium to get traffic to your website. The higher click through rate of your Google advertisements is largely responsible for the success of your Google AdWords campaign, and this is ensured only when your adverts are compelling enough to attract clicks from the target audience.

Here are some tips to write compelling adverts and make your Google AdWords a resounding success:

1. Compelling Headline: The headline of your advert makes the first impact on the minds of the readers. The importance of a strong headline can never be overemphasised. A poorly drafted headline is all it takes to destroy your entire AdWords campaign. It’s because the readers tend to get attracted by the bold and bigger text than the description, which they may or may not end up reading. Usually, the efficacy of a Google advert can be easily judged from its headline. Therefore, a compelling headline is what you should aim for. A compelling headline is the one, which:

  • Uses curiosity-generating text/questions, like “Want to Become a Published Writer in 45 Days?”
  • Strikes at the Bottom of the reader’s psyche, like “Natural Cure for all Weight Issues”.
  • Reveals certain secrets, like “Mystery of Six-Digit Home-Based Earning Revealed”.
  • Uses institutional recommendations, like “FDA Approved”.
  • Compares well, like “Cheaper Online/Offline”.
  • Uses correct grammar and free of typos, like “Best Weight Loss Pills there are” and not “Best Weight Loss Pills their are”.
  • Sensationalises the events, like “Celebrity X Exposed”.
  • Uses (maximum) keywords, like “Online Weight Loss Pills at Lowest Prices”.

2. Compelling Body: The body of your Google advert is the second most important section that needs careful attention. The first line of the advert body should be powerful enough to make the readers sit up and take notice. A mindboggling offer, for instance, can make for a compelling first line, like “90% Off on Brand X Shoes.” The second line usually comprises of call-to-action, like “Buy Now” or “Call Now”. It should not be misleading, i.e., you should not use “Buy Now” when the intended call-to-action is “Call Now”, as that could put off your target audience immediately.

3. Compelling URL: There is no need to include the actual URL where the users will be taken to, on clicking the advert. Instead use keyword-rich descriptive text within the display URL in order to clearly indicate the users the intended location of the page when they click the advert. For instance “websitename.com/nameoftheproduct/X%Off.html”.

4. Compelling Special Characters: Liberal use of special characters is always encouraged when you are trying to write a compelling Google AdWords advert. The special characters are known to increase the click-through ratio (CTR) of ads several times. For instance, use of ‘!’, ‘%’, ‘-‘, ‘...’, ‘$’ etc. at the appropriate places increases the chances of readers clicking through the ad. These special characters are known to strike the right chord among the target audience.

5. Compelling Strategy: You need to strategise your Google AdWords advert in order to leverage its benefits. The optimum use of words and figures is what is required to get maximum qualified leads to your website through the advert. For instance, if you are very confident that your offer price for the product is among the lowest, go ahead and state it in the advert itself, although many marketers will tell you not to reveal such sensitive information at this stage. However, in some cases, you can reveal the price in order to prevent unqualified leads and maximize hits that are more likely to turn into actual sales.

Acting on these will improve your click-through-rate - that's a promise. If you would like help improving your Pay Per Click Campaign please take a look at our Pay Per Click Management Services.

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