Youtube Marketing - how it could help you!

If you have a business, it's possible that you have asked yourself 'Should I have a YouTube channel'? The answer is most likely yes, as Youtube marketing has many benefits which will now be explained.

YouTube Marketing Benefits

Depending on the nature of your business, the videos you may upload to your YouTube channel can vary dramatically. Whilst it's a great way to bring brand awareness, you have to realise that you're probably going to have a lot of competition with potentially bigger marketing budgets.

  • Youtube Marketing brings people closer to your brand
  • Your published content can address your audiences needs directly
  • Video's hold people's attention more than text and images
  • Without a large marketing budget you are able to build a branded page on YouTube
  • You can keep your subscribers updated with bulletins
  • Connect with you other social media channels - YouTube allows you to share videos directly to your other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It's a great way to reach a wider audience

YouTube Marketing - Optimising Your Videos

Once you have your videos uploaded to your YouTube channel you need to make them findable, especially since videos are displayed in search results too. Here's what to do:

  • Ensure that your keywords are featured at the start of your video title
  • Include your URL in your description, include keywords too but watch out for the density. Also remember to write like a human not an advertising machine!
  • Add your keywords to your tags too.

What content should you include? Well this really depends on your business. If you have a fashion store, it may be obvious what you need to show in the videos, but what if your business sells a service rather than a product? If this is the case then why not introduce your audience to your team? Maybe have a podcast as an extra on side to your blog? The possibilities are endless, you have just got to think about what you audience would want to see from you. You could ask them through your other social media channels?

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