How to Ensure Your Website Works for Your Business - Distinctive Features

Following on from our first post, this post is the third in the series about 3 key areas to improve the way your website works for your business covering: website target audience tips, how to make your website visitor friendly, distinctive features of a website, how to create trust and reliability on your website and remarketing tips.


As stated in the first article of this blog series, there are now more than 953,096,600 websites online today. With so many websites available for users to choose from, it is becoming more important for businesses to stand out against their competition.

Today we take a look at some of the key areas you need to focus upon to ensure your business website is recognsied for all the right reasons.

Unique Design

According to previous studies, a user can decide whether or not they like the look of your website within the first 20th of a second. This can often have a great impact on how they form their opinion of your company.

Ensuring your website is designed and styled to a unique layout is crucial to ensuring your website stands out. If you are redesigning or building a new website avoid using template designs and themes. This is because your website could look like a competitors and it may not harness the unique selling points of your products or services. Also template themes and designs can have limitations on functionality.

Example: if you are using a template which is limited to a certain number of characters or text and you go beyond the limitation, this may stretch the design and will change the way of how your website looks, and may cause several headaches in the long run.

Custom Navigation

Allowing a user to easily and quickly find the content they are looking for can often be one of the reasons why a visitor will choose to return to your website. This is why website structure and layout is a crucial part of your website's performance.

If your website homepage shows a high volume of visitors exiting your website without making an interaction it may be because of your website's style or layout.

Simplicity & Service

No matter what part of the buying cycle a consumer is at, if a visitor is on your website you are providing a service to them, irrospective of whether they choose your company or not.

Every company website should provide information about what your company is about and the products or services you offer. Your website's primary service objective might be to educate users on the services or products you have to offer, followed by reassuring vistors that your company is the best choice for them.

Colour, design, layout and functionality will all affect how a user percevies your company. As online users have become more acustomed to finding information more quickly online, users can often more quickly be influenced to make a decision. Therefore ensuring your website is professionally designed could greatly influence the way a visitor forms an opinion of your company.

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