Check Your Inbox a New Gmail Update is Coming...

In the following few days Google will be contacting all Gmail users about a new feature
which will further connect your Gmail and G+ accounts. When composing an email and adding a recipient, this new feature will allow you to email a G+ contact directly without entering an email address.

This new feature is said to help users who have misplaced or have not yet acquired an email address from a chosen contact. One must ask the question, is this all really necessary?

A Few Things You Need to Know...

1. All Gmail users will have to opt-out of receiving emails from your G+ connections.

2. Your email address will not be visible to G+ connections before you email them.

3. If you receive an email from people outside your G+ circle it will automatically be filtered to the “Social” tab in your inbox. They will only be able to start another conversation with you if you have responded to the message or have been added to your circles.

Exceptions to the Rule

Well-know celebrities will not automatically receive emails from their G+ followers. This will be to protect them from an influx of fan-mail which could block up their inbox.

What’s Your Verdict?

Allowing users outside your G+ circle to be able to contact you by default may seem practical to the email sender, but it may also prove difficult for the recipient to stay on top of emails, particularly for users who only actively use the “Primary” tab within the Gmail interface.

Some people disagree with the new Gmail update because they feel that users should have been able to opt-in to the new changes rather than making the user opt-out and causing an additional unnecessary inconvenience.

So is this really a push to improve the Gmail user’s experience? Or is it just another step to convert more people to using the Google+ social networking site over the other major social networking sites? Time will tell.

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