4 Changes in Online Search Behavior That Might Affect Your SEO Rankings in 2014

As our lives have become more accustomed to the influx of new technology developments, finding information quickly which is both trusted and relevant, is becoming more of standard expectancy. Here are four points you need to consider when carrying out any search engine optimisation work on your website in 2014.

1. Questions As Search Queries

Depending on the information sought after it’s now becoming more common for users to enter entire questions into the search results so they can more accurately find the information they are looking for. It’s worth being aware of this when doing keyword research for your website content.

2. More Descriptive and Longer Queries

Due to development in technology and the way many users now expect to access information within almost an instant, users are more likely to use longer and more specific keyword phrases to improve their chances of finding the most relevant search results.

This could mean that in the future we will see more weight being placed on longer keyword phrases with higher click through rates. If you’re still using generic keywords within your website copy consider using longer more descriptive words to increase your chances of conversion.

3. Time Frame Awareness

Users are becoming more aware that accurate content can change over time. Information from the past may prove to be less valuable than more up to date content.

This could have been influenced by the way Google can often rank older higher quality posts at the top of the search results. Many users will sometimes risk choosing a more recent article which has lower quality content, than one which contains high quality information which was published three years ago. Because of this, some users will often add the year at the end of their search query to try and filter out old search results.

4. Increased Trust in Third Parties 

In what could be seen as an attempt to save time to find the best quality, cheapest, most relevant company or product, many searchers are relying upon the information which is provided by third party websites.

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