Why Your Social Media Channels Need a Defined Tone of Voice


When considering your company’s brand values, it’s important to ask yourself, how do you want your business to be perceived? Tone of voice is effectively an outward projection of your business, therefore needs to be appropriate to your industry and your customer.

Having a defined tone of voice encourages customer engagement

Successful communication and engaging with your audience is vital when running a business. Having a defined and consistent tone of voice makes sure all your communications are on-brand. Rather than sounding like a product pushing, self-promotional business, let your audience know that you care. Customers want connection not information. Your unique tone of voice will allow you to form a personality across all your social media channels that your customers can relate to. Giving your business a friendly, warm tone of voice, will encourage engagement and loyalty within your audience. It will make your customers feel at ease, give them a sense of familiarity with your business. The more approachable and trustworthy your business seems, the more customers will want to engage.

Knowing your tone of voice will build trust within your customers

It’s important to remember that although your tone of voice should be consistent, you may need to alter it in certain situations. As you know, Social Media has quickly become the way for customers to express any concerns. Rather than spending hours on hold to a company, customers know they can get a faster response by going to Social Media. It is also one of the key factors you should consider if you're just starting to develop your brand.

You should still use your business’ character when dealing complaints. If the audience feels like they are speaking to the same person every time they deal with you, your business will come across as consistent and reliable. In your response, you will want to make sure you appear professional and caring about the customers issue. It’s important to take a personal approach when dealing with unhappy customers, make them feel valued. The last thing a customer wants is your business appearing to not take their complaint seriously or an automated response that suggests their complaint will be simply lost in the system. If a customer feels let down or angry after they report an issue to you, it will only make things worse for your business.

Using an authentic tone of voice will make your brand stand out

The right tone of voice can make you stand out from the crowd on Social Media. With thousands of businesses using social media to interact with their customers, your company’s tone of voice needs to be unique to you. Customers are intelligent and they can tell when your tone isn't authentic, so if you’re not naturally funny, don't try and make jokes every time you tweet. Likewise, if you don’t believe in what you are saying and it doesn't feel natural, don’t say it. If you force your tone of voice, it will be picked up on and in turn drive customers away. Finding the right tone of voice for your brand can really boost your business. People are more likely to buy from brands they like and trust, than brands they feel disconnected towards.

After all, writing is branding. It shows the world what you’re about and what you believe in. Get your business’ tone of voice right and you will see the benefits. People connect with people and by giving you business a human touch, your customers will me more inclined to engage and connect with you.

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