How to Ensure Your Website Works for Your Business - Trust and Reliability

Following on from our first post, this post is the fourth in the series about 5 key areas to improve the way your website works for your business covering: website target audience tips, how to make your website visitor friendly, distinctive features of a website, how to create trust and reliability on your website and remarketing tips.


Whether your website is used to sell products online, generate new business enquires, or to inform visitors about your services, it's important to maintain a web presence and a brand identity which is recognised for being reliable and trustworthy.

New visitors to your website need to be assured that your company is a good choice for them as a consumer. Today's post looks at some of the basic things you can do with your website which will help strengthen your brand online.

Testimonials & Reviews

If you are an e-Commerce business, it's estimated that more that 60% of users now base their decision to use a website upon previous customer reviews.

Whether you have an e-Commerce website or otherwise, if you have numerous customer reviews it can provide a vauable insight into how customers perceive your company's products or services. It can also provide a valid reason why a customer should choose your company over a competitors.

High Quality Images - Ecommerce Websites

If your store is soley based online it is vital that your website shows good high quality images. They not only help to reassure the customer that you offer the product they are looking for, it gives the impression that your company is transparent and trustworthy. This will be valuable for new visitors who have not previously purchased from your store before or users who have not previously been aware of your brand.

Other points to consider may be:

  •  Close-up magnified images - by giving the option for the viewer to look at product in a magnified detail it can instantly showcase the quality of the product. This may provide a greater incentive for a visitor to purchase a product within the same visitor session.
  • Uniformity of image size - if you are going to offer the customer different images of your products from different angles, different backgrounds and different colours it's important they are all of the same size. This will provide greater strength and validity  and may also suggest to the visitor that your products are consistant in size and quality.

High Quality Images - Non-Ecommerce Websites

Even if your website doesn't sell products online it is still vital that you have high quality images which support your company's claims.

As mentioned in our first post in this series, previous studies have shown that more than 3 out of 4 people will scan text rather than read word for word. By showcasing previous example works of your services it provides vistors with an insight into the quality of your work.

Pricing & Offers

Another option to encourage users to use your company may be through pricing structure and offers. By offering a guarenteed unbeatable price or a fixed quotation price you might be providing the final aspect a visitor needs, before they make an enquiry or purchase a product from your store.

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