Wordpress isn't just for blogging!

WordPress conjures up the word blogging. This is normal as it is the world's most popular free open source blogging site afterall. However it's not just for blogging, oh no, it can do so much more. Allow us to explain...

WordPress Featuring...Open Source CMS

CMS stands for content management solution, and this is basically a fancy way to say the place (computer program) where you can publish, edit, change content, as well as modify the interface (the site/ blog that the visitor will see). This means that WordPress can run websites. The advantage? You can have a web directory with word press RSS, comments, pingback, plugin and theme features are already there - because WordPress runs your whole site. How Fantastic!? Super bonus - you can have a blog implemented into a subsection of your site without having to install WP separately.

There are probably absolutely loads of things you can do with Wordpress but here are the top ones that we can think of. Enjoy your WP learning time, you'll be experts after this!

So what can be done with WordPress?

E-Commerce Sites

Yes, that is correct, Wordpress can be used to create eCommerce websites. There are plugins available that allow you to sell items using Paypal, such as ArtPal Plugin, Donation Accept Plugin and eShop Plugin. If you want a simple shopping cart to sell things on your blog and accept payments either on PayPal or Google checkout, the Fat Free Cart is another plugin available on WP.It's also worth mentioning that if you are looking for an ecommerce website, you will proabably want to do some more research into which is the best payment gateway for your business.

As well as the basic plugins there are many complex features that WordPress supports. Your eCommerce site can link to your social media networks, providing more selling opportunities.

An eCommerce website is pretty much identical next to the big box retailers online store fronts.WP is an obvious choice among web developers due to it's many benefits.

Classifieds and Job Listings

Local sites may want to start a classifieds or job listing site, preferably once you already have a community, as users will not come easily for these types of sites. WordPress has the answer - another plugin called Classifieds WordPress Plugin, which is fully featured including post dates, view counts and submit form. The website users are able to submit adverts without having to create an account as spam is controlled by captcha.

Discussion Forum

A discussion forum can prove to be a fantastic source of content, and most people don't know that you can actually build an entire forum in WordPress. There are plugins available from WordPress for forums which can be installed, but the advantage of building the forum in WP itself means that everything is already there and ready to use, no messing around.

An Image Gallery

Are you a budding photographer? Or perhaps just need to display a lot of pics online? If so than WordPress can offer you some great plugins for displaying and showcasing images.

The NextGen Gallery is one particularly good plugin from WP which is great for photo management. You can manage thousands of pictures, and categorised galleries, giving you complete control over how they are displayed. The possibilities are plentiful.

These are just some things that you can do with WordPress, there in fact many more, an endless list of possibilities. If you desire a WordPress website, no matter what the calibre, get in contact with PS Website Design today to see what our expert developers can create for you. It is also worth mentioning that Wordpress does have its disadvantages too (depending on your business). that's why it might also be worth consdiering a bespoke website build too.

Remember WordPress isn't just for blogging

If you want to discuss the application of Wordpress and how you can make them work for your site why not give us a call today.

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